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   Chapter 759 Dishonorable History (Part One)

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"What is it?" Harry snapped irritably.

Rufus narrowed his eyes at him. Somehow, Harry could feel that Rufus had already made his mind up about sacrificing himself to be with Cassandra.

"Harry..." Rufus began. "I've done many horrible things to you, because I never liked you. Now, I don't have the time or energy to waste another second on you. My former assistant, Victor, has all the blackmail files I have on you. You can just contact him."

Watching Harry's face contort in displeasure, Rufus just flipped his phone out and recorded a voicemail. "Victor, it's over. There's no need to defame Harry anymore." After locking the screen, Rufus threw his phone over to Harry. "There. That's all you need to get all the materials back from Victor."

As soon as he finished with Harry, Rufus turned and demanded Charlie to take him to where Cassandra was.

Charlie tilted his head, confused. When he suddenly remembered that Rufus and Harry weren't in good terms with one another, he expected that Harry would want nothing to do with what he had in mind. Harry and he both hated Rufus, after all.

"Mr. Ji," Charlie started, cold eyes piercing into Harry's soul, "I guess this means you will not be interfering with my business later."

Charlie was well aware that Harry cared about Cassandra, but he wasn't worried about Harry meddling with what he planned to do to Rufus.

Even though the Ji family was very powerful and influential, Harry had no excuse or proper reason to ask his family to interfere.

'There's no way that Harry would ever tell his grandfather that he is in love with someone's wife. His grandfather would only smite him, '

Charlie thought, smiling evilly to himself. He knew that Harry's grandfather was a righteous man of principle.

"Get him out of here," Charlie demanded, motioning his men to move quickly.

Just before he was about to leave, Rufus snuck a glance over to Harry. Harry gulped at the sig

m earlier were bruising fairly easily, more quickly than he had expected.

Sara's eyes locked onto the bruise and her eyebrows furrowed in worry. "Harry. What is that? Does it hurt?"

Harry's heart skipped a beat when he heard how worried Sara was. It moved him, but he still tried to hide it.

He only had eyes for Cassandra, no matter how hard she tried. It wouldn't change any time soon.

"No," Harry chuckled, trying to lighten the mood, "it doesn't." The room suddenly went quiet. One could cut the tension in the room with a knife.

"Brother," Sara looked at Yazid and pulled at his sleeve, "I'm getting hungry. Could you please get me something to eat? I want to eat sauteed shredded meat with bamboo shoots."

Yazid's jaw clenched as he stared Harry down, but after some time, he softened and sighed.

It was obvious that Sara wanted to spend some time alone with Harry. Her hunger was just an excuse for him to leave.

He made no move to oppose her, however. They probably did need some time to talk.

Yazid walked closer to the door, hitting Harry by the shoulder. He muttered lowly, "Hurt her again and I'll skin you alive!"

Harry swallowed and kept silent, trying to be unfazed by Yazid's threat. He knew that Yazid would always be overprotective about his sister.

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