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   Chapter 758 She Is My Wife (Part Two)

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Still, he opted not to do it. It was probably because he had become a much softer person after becoming a husband, and now, a father, and he felt that it would be the right choice to save the other girl first. If he were still the same hard person he was before, then he might have come up with a completely different decision.

"Charlie, why don't you just cut to the chase and tell me what you really want." In truth, Rufus actually had another reason for making that choice.

He knew that even if he had chosen Cassandra, Charlie would come up with some sort of excuses to keep her locked up.

Since there weren't really any issues between Charlie and Sara, if he were to receive some ransom money from Yazid, then it should be safe to say that he was going to keep his word and let Sara go.

However, Cassandra was a totally different case.

As far as Charlie was concerned, it was him and Cassandra who could be considered the murderers of Amanda. For that reason, he definitely wouldn't let Cassandra go as easy as that.

With his face acting like he was distressed, he asked, "What do I want? Rufus, that is one difficult question to give an answer to."

Just a few seconds after saying that, he suddenly broke into a fit of laughter, which was frighteningly disquieting. "It should go without saying that I intend for you and Cassandra to pay with your lives!"

Casting him a distant glare, Rufus tried to remain calm and replied, "It wasn't us who killed Amanda. I also find it quite strange how she died. I'm willing to help you with the investigation."

Scoffing at him, Charlie exclaimed, "Rufus, do you honestly think I'm going to believe you at this point? Could there be anything at al

dra go so easily this time around. That being said, I'm gonna give you two choices. Number one, you can take your leave right now and walk away, and I won't do anything to you. Or number two, you can stay here with Cassandra and suffer along with her.

So, which one are you going to choose?" Charlie asked.

Harry couldn't hold back any longer and interrupted, "Just let Cassandra go. You can have anything you want. Just say it."

Shifting his gaze over toward Harry, Charlie flung back, "Mr. Ji, this doesn't have anything to do with you. I suggest you keep yourself out of this."

Turning his head to look at Rufus, he asked him once more, "What do you think? Have you made up your mind?"

Having no other choice, Rufus carefully replied, "Okay. I'll do whatever you ask me to do."

Looking at Harry, Rufus told him, "Harry, this should be between me and my wife. Please don't get yourself involved in this. You should understand the fact that she is my wife. You shouldn't cross the line in the future as well."

Staring at Harry straight in the eyes, he went on and added, "There's one last thing that I want to tell you."

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