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   Chapter 757 She Is My Wife (Part One)

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"This right here contains the shares transfer document," Charlie carefully stated. "All you need to do now is sign on the dotted line."

Yazid looked like he wasn't planning to move a finger, making Charlie feel disappointed. "You can have your sister back as soon as you put your signature there. What? That's right. Your sister probably couldn't even compare with the shares."

Raising his head, Yazid replied, "Of course, these shares couldn't even compare with a single finger of my sister."

Being somewhat of a protective brother, Yazid wouldn't think twice even if it cost him the entire Yun family's assets.

The only reason he was feeling a bit hesitant was because the condition appeared to be much too simple. To Yazid, the shares which could easily give him a dividend of more than a billion a year was a cheap price to pay for the safety of his sister.

"Let me have a look at her first!" Yazid insisted.

Meanwhile, the abandoned warehouse received a couple of visitors.

When those people went inside, Cassandra immediately moved in front of Sara to protect her.

"What do you want from us?" Cassandra demanded an answer.

One more thing that was making Cassandra so anxious was that Sara wasn't showing any signs of waking up in spite of the commotion.

Feeling up Sara's forehead, Cassandra became even more on edge. It was burning hot, so the girl was, without a doubt, having a fever right now.

From among the group, one person pointed at Sara and ordered, "Take her out."

It was plain to see that they were up to no good.

Given the fact that Sara was extremely young and beautiful, were she to be taken away by these impertinent men, she'd definitely be in a lot of trouble.

Wrapping Sara around her arms, Cassandra screamed, "Get your hands off her! Stay away from me!"

The two of them were just frail women. On the other hand, the people they were up against were a group of brawny men.

Moving a few steps

n the fact that Sara still had a high fever, Yazid couldn't really afford to stay and talk with Rufus a minute longer. Lifting his sister up in his arms, he quickly carried her toward the exit.

Harry didn't come along with him.

Raising his head, Rufus looked at him and asked, "What are you still doing here?"

Harry's response was rather straightforward, so much so that Rufus couldn't help but frown.

The man replied, "Do you even have to ask? I'm worried about Cassandra's safety. That's why I wanted to stay."

Pursing his lips, Rufus didn't bother saying anything else.

Charlie didn't seem to be the least bit interested in Harry, for he had already received quite a huge amount of money from him. Now, the only important matter left was regarding Cassandra.

"Rufus, you could have actually made the final decision in that last game we played. Why was it that you didn't change it to Cassandra instead?" Charlie asked, feeling quite curious.

Knowing that Charlie was indeed right, Rufus fell silent upon hearing his question. If he had only chosen to kill Yazid and take down Harry, Cassandra might have been the one to be saved. In fact, he probably wouldn't even have to take down Harry at all. In any case, it could have been the little woman who they could walk away with now.

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