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   Chapter 756 He Was The Culprit!

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"They're all right now!" Charlie seemed to be a little annoyed with Yazid's questions. He frowned and said, "I have just said that I am a businessman. Now shouldn't we begin to talk business?"

Yazid had just said so many things. When he noticed that the old man did not care about any of it, he was so angry that he almost wanted to start yelling again.

Fortunately, Rufus was calm.

"Yazid, don't talk anymore," Rufus said and then he turned to look at Charlie, coldly. "Okay, let's talk business. Go ahead."

Charlie glanced at them, "All of you have a lot of money. Although I do not lack money either, every one of us is still seeking for more. I thought that money begets power and power begets more money."

"So what? What are you implying?" Rufus asked in a deep voice.

Yazid hated being threatened, but he had to swallow his pride. "Just say what you want. I only have one condition. Don't hurt my sister," he firmly said.

Charlie looked at Harry again. His eyes were uncanny.

Harry noticed his glance and said lightly, "Stop beating around the bush and just say what you want."

Charlie smiled, "I heard that your family wants to come back to develop, right?"

Harry silently nodded.

Charlie smiled again and said, "Then for my first request, I need to talk with you."

Both Yazid and Rufus had not expected that Charlie would first negotiate with Harry.

In their eyes, both Cassandra and Sara had no intimate relationship with Harry. But the truth was that one was whom he had loved for many years, and the other was for whom he felt guilty. Even with Charlie's overwhelming confidence, Harry did not flinch a bit at the former's proposal.

Yazid seemed to be somewhat worried about Harry. He could not help but whisper in the man's ear, "No matter what he puts forward, just accept it first. If the request is impossible, I will have my parents deal with it. For now, keeping their safety is the most important thing."

Harry glanced over at him, his eyes reflected how meaninglessness he thought Yazid's words were. He definitely knew that the most important thing was their safety.

Because they needed Harry's cooperation, Yazid decided to ignore his ugly expression.

"My first request is that even if your family comes back, you will not interfere in the development of our industry in this country. What's more, I heard that your grandfather has a lot of forces and connections in this country," Charlie started, his tone was dripping with indifference. After a while, he continued, "How about you give all those forces to me?"

Apparently he used a particular word––give, and his tone showed that he wanted to have those forces to himself for free.

Harry's eyes grew more profound. "There are so many sites. Can you control all of them? Aren't you afraid to lose control of your business?"

Charlie did not care what he said at all. "It's none of your business. Just tell me if you'd do it or not."

Before Harry could even say something, Yazid pointed at his nose and started yelling again, "Isn't that just some sites? Besides, your family had stayed aboard all these years. They still haven't decided if they will really come back. Just agree to it! Those things are definitely not as impo

choice to you,"

Charlie stared at Harry and said slowly. "The result of this game will be all determined by you. Now, who do you choose?"

Yazid's eyes locked on the man who stood stricken.

"Harry, I don't know what happened between you and Sara. But it was for your sake that she suddenly wanted to go back home. Now she is in danger because of you, you should know what you need to do."

Harry tightly pressed his lips and did not speak for a while.

Meanwhile, with his silence, Yazid couldn't help but sneer in impatience, "I know you like Cassandra genuinely. Her husband is here now. There is no need for you to show your love for her. If you don't choose Sara today, I won't ever let you off!"

The serious threat made Harry change his facial expression. But what shocked him most was that Yazid was able to sense his apparent affection towards Cassandra.

Rufus knew who he would choose. He just said coldly, "Just choose Sara. Even if you don't choose Cassandra, I will save her myself."

Harry held his fingers tightly together as he was struggling. To be honest, he really wanted to see Cassandra standing in front of him safely.

Even if she had Rufus and ever only loved him, that didn't matter.

But now he had no choice to be selfish.

Sara was in grave danger, and it was because of him!

And the reason why Sara was weak was also because of him.

So, he just had one choice.

He had no time to think further. It was clear that he could only say that one name.

"Sara. Please let go of Sara," Harry finally uttered in a faint voice.

Charlie flashed a grin on his face and said, "Okay."

He acted so crisp and agile, which to be honest, was really not like him.

As expected, his next words revealed his greedy wish. "Dear Mr. Yun, you must have a lot of shares in your family's business," Charlie said as he took another puff.

Yazid's facial expression changed. His father was a prominent politician, but his mother and grandfather managed several companies and businesses.

And he, although now was in the entertainment industry, indeed had many shares of his family's fortune as he was the sole male heir.

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