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   Chapter 755 The Crazy Men

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Sara was used to receiving flattery from the people around her. However, from time to time, others would say nasty remarks out of jealousy.

They would emphasize how she had nothing except for her title as the member of the Yun family. If it weren't for her identity, she would just be an empty vase, a nobody. Others hated how she knew nothing other than playing cute.

Despite all that, Sara was used to dealing with such comments––be it a compliment or not. But this time, she was suddenly intrigued by what Cassandra said about her.

"Why are you saying that I'm different from other girls from wealthy families?" asked Sara incredulously. In her opinion, she was no different from them at all. They all relied on their family background and enjoyed their privileges.

Some of them did have skills––be it painting, singing, dancing, or any other. But those were just to enhance their image as a lady from a high social hierarchy.

Even though they might be identified by their skills, they still couldn't escape being labeled as members of wealthy families.

Looking into Sara's eyes, Cassandra said softly, "Even though you look like a capricious girl, you've never caused any real trouble to others. You're a kind girl, lovely and child-like as well."

Sara couldn't help laughing at the answer. "All right. Please stop that. If you continue, I'll get too proud of myself."

Cassandra giggled as well. "You've always been a proud little queen. It's okay to be proud!"

Sara broke into another round of laughter. When the laughing ceased, she continued, "Cassandra, I know why so many people love you now.

It's enjoyable and lovely to spend time with you." Sara put on a relieved smile and straightened up to stretch her arms. "I feel really assured when I'm with you," she added

Eyes wide open, Cassandra shook her head. "What do you mean by many people love me? The only person who loves me is Rufus. Perhaps he has some eyesight problem. Ha-ha."

To Cassandra, people like Lionel didn't really love her. It was just that his pride was bruised when she rejected him for Rufus.

Meanwhile, as she stared into Cassandra's face, Sara almost blurted out Harry's name.

But luckily she managed to pull her tongue back.

'Harry has kept it a secret from Cassandra for so long. He must have his reasons for doing so. I shall not meddle with this matter, ' she thought.

"Anyway, there must be someone out there who does love you." After thinking for a while, she added, "Perhaps, he loves you very very much, just like Rufus does."

'And for many years even, ' Sara mournfully added in her heart.

Cassandra dug in her brain for a possible answer, but nothing came to mind.

Meanwhile, her stomach had started to rumble for food.

"Cassandra, have they forgotten about us?" Sara didn't eat anything in the morning, and hunger had begun to penetr

he girls were nowhere to be found. There was nothing except for some broken chairs.

Rufus hadn't cursed in his life till now. Frustrated at the result, he finally spat, "Fuck!"

Harry suddenly glanced at Rufus when he heard him curse.

Still wearing a blank look, Rufus clenched his fists.

It was as if he would explode at any second.

While the men were at their wits' end, Charlie's face appeared on the wall. There was a hidden projector installed in this warehouse.

Charlie was still wearing a playful smile, which further fired up their anger.

"Very good. I like punctual people." After inhaling the smoke deeply again, he slowly said, "So here is the reward for arriving on time."

Suddenly, the setting on the screen changed.

When he saw Cassandra, Rufus almost went hysterical.

On the screen, Cassandra slowly opened her eyes. A moment later, Sara woke up as well.

Sara's face looked pale. Her body had been strained for what happened last night and today.

Yazid's eyes turned bloody red at the sight of his sister's frail condition. He blamed himself so much that he wanted to slap his own face.

'Why didn't I take good care of her? Why didn't I notice that she was feeling so bad this morning?

Because of my carelessness, she was kidnapped and ill-treated. How can I ever forgive myself?' he roared inwardly.

Harry wore a complicated expression as he looked at Cassandra and then diverted his gaze to Sara.

Perhaps only Harry noticed the bruises on Sara's arm.

'Those might be from what I did to her last night, ' he thought.

"Charlie Ke!" Yazid's veins bulged with fury. "Are you fucking blind? Can't you see that my sister isn't feeling good? Why don't you get her a doctor? She has anemia! Don't starve her! Give her some chocolate, okay? Her favorite brand is VX!"

Rufus thought that Yazid had turned totally nuts as he was illogically blurting out words.

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