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   Chapter 754 You Are Different (Part Two)

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Lowering her head, Sara inspected her own body. After pausing for a while, she opened her mouth and said, "No, they didn't dare lay their hands on me."

Seeing the look of suspicion written all over Cassandra's face, Sara pursed her lips and refused to say anything else.

How was she supposed to respond to that? She couldn't just go around telling Cassandra that she and Harry had just been intimate with each other.

If Cassandra were to find out the things that had happened between the two of them, then Harry probably would lose any hope he had of winning her over from Rufus.

From that, Sara began feeling like she was turning into someone else. She, the little princess in her family who was always loved and looked after by everyone, would become so humble at this moment all because of the man she had hopelessly fallen for.

"Alright, I'm not gonna pressure you into spilling the beans. If you don't want to tell me, then that's totally fine," Cassandra told her.

Sara puckered her lips after a lengthy period of awkward silence. "I don't even have any idea if my brother already knows that I was kidnapped or not."

Cassandra and Sara were brought into an abandoned warehouse with the only way out kept shut and locked tightly. On top of that, the windows were blocked with sets of red iron grills, making it close to impossible for them to escape.

Having been left with no other options, Cassandra opted to just sit on the ground and have a chat with Sara.

"Your brother is gonna be coming to rescue you. I can say that for certain," Cassandra exclaimed, trying to give the girl a sense of reassurance.

Then she blurted out something all of a sudden, "Ouch!" Caught by surprise, Sara worriedly asked, "What happened? Is there anything wrong?"

Pointing a finger toward her belly, Cassandra helplessly broke into laughter. "It's my baby. It was kicking me just now."

With her gaze fixated on the bump in Cassandra's belly, Sara's curiosity became piqued all of a sudden. Then, she cautiously asked her, "Is it okay if I touch your belly?"

With a smile on her face, Cassandra nodded her head in response. Grabbing Sara's han

ve it much thought. "No, I don't think they're going to let me go that easily,"

noticing the look of confusion on Cassandra's eyes, Sara explained. "Now that they've brought me to this place, there's a good chance they won't get caught even if they kill me. But if they decide to set me free, they'd definitely get exposed. If that were to happen, even though I'm safe, my family certainly isn't gonna let them off for it. They're gonna torture them to death. Of that, I'm sure."

Cassandra also thought that what Sara was thinking made perfect sense. That being said, she still couldn't stop herself from feeling guilty for putting Sara's life at risk.

"Please don't blame yourself for this," able to tell with just one glance what was bothering Cassandra, Sara whispered to her ear. "I would have done the same thing even if you weren't the one stuck in that position."

Sticking out her tongue, the girl winked at her and stated, "This is just the way I really am."

Staring at Sara, Cassandra let out a heavy sigh and said, "I can still remember the first time I ever saw you. Back then, I was thinking that you looked like a beautiful and delicate princess who always needed to get help from others." Scratching her nose and feeling a little embarrassed, Cassandra continued, "But it seems that I was wrong. After getting to know a little more about you, I realized that you're much too different from the other rich girls."

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