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   Chapter 753 You Are Different (Part One)

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Cassandra somehow managed to remain composed and exclaimed, "I don't have any idea what you're talking about."

"Oh, is that so? Don't you get what I'm trying to say?" the man laughed it off and continued to poke fun at her. "It doesn't matter to me whether you're just acting or you truly don't understand what I'm talking about. In any case, you have to come with me."

As stealthily as she could, Cassandra secretly put her hand inside her pocket, trying to bring out her cellphone.

Unfortunately, the man caught onto what she was trying to do. "Don't you dare think of doing anything stupid. Samuel, go grab her quickly."

Cassandra wanted to take a step backward to get away from him. Unluckily for her, she stumbled and even almost fell to the ground.

"Hey! You guys!" Sara was horrified to stumble upon such a scene when she followed into the washroom. Instinctively, she tried to run away to call for help. That being said, she was caught by one of the bad guys and knocked out before she could even get the chance to get away from them.

Without a second of delay, Cassandra screamed out loud immediately, "Help! Somebody! Anybody! Please come help us! We are getting kidnapped! Please save us!"

"What the hell do you think you're doing, woman? Go knock her out, you guys! You're so useless!"

There was no chance in hell that Cassandra could take out all of those men, but she had enough strength to try and put up a bit of resistance. However, she was also knocked out in no time.

"Boss, do we have to bring both of them?" one of the abductors asked.

As he rolled his eyes, a sinister smile appeared on the man's face. "Yes, just take them both. That other girl has some good looks. Just check her body out. It's so alluring."

It seemed like someone had actually heard Cassandra's cries for help just now.

The boss asked one of his henchmen to help keep Cassandra upright while the kid was holding her hand on the other side before they left. He thought that they would attract less attention if they went out like that.

When he finally got back after making his purchase, Rufus found out that Cassandra was no longer where he left her.

Because of that, he couldn't help but frown. He really should

Charlie must be. He persistently kept on coming up with different ideas to get hold of her time and time again. From the looks of things, it seemed apparent that he wasn't intending to stop until he got his hands on her.

"Ouch…" All of a sudden, a soft voice resonated into Cassandra's ears.

Glancing over at Sara who was still lying on the ground, Cassandra couldn't help but heave a heavy sigh. Sara, who looked like a beautiful and delicate flower, turned out being such a kindhearted girl as well. Thanks to her, Cassandra had had the opportunity to get rescued last time.

They didn't tie Cassandra up, so she was able to move around freely at least. She leaned over to check if Sara was alright. And by chance, she happened to notice that her skin was full of various kinds of... marks.

From just a single glance, Cassandra could tell that those marks had been left though love-making. The reason being that she had had similar marks before right after having sex with Rufus.

"Sara," Cassandra anxiously called out to her, currently under the assumption that those bad guys might have done something unthinkable to Sara.

Opening her eyes, Sara looked like she was still caught in a daze. Then, she saw the worried expression written all over Cassandra's face.

"Sara, those marks all over your body... Did they sexually assault you?" Cassandra was still feeling so hesitant to ask her. Having said that, she just couldn't keep it to herself and ended up asking anyway.

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