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   Chapter 752 A Brat (Part Two)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 6377

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Sara's eyes darkened all of a sudden. "I can just tell you the name of the Master and you can check the price yourself. You have to pay me back for the damage."

The woman simply went on jeering at Sara, brushing her words off as nonsensical ramblings.

Not wanting to waste her time any longer, Sara decided to get the police involved to settle it quickly.

The woman began panicking in an instant. "We will be flying soon! Do you intend to pay for my air ticket?"

As she said that, she immediately pulled her son to walk away.

Sara abruptly stopped the woman in her tracks and made it clear to her. "Ma'am, unless the two of us reach a settlement regarding this matter, I'm not letting you leave."

Taking out her phone, Sara proceeded to dial a number. After just a short while, a middle-aged man swiftly approached them.

His face seemed to be a bit red-flushed. It appeared that he had gotten there in a hurry.

"Miss Yun," the man called out to her, putting on a smile on his face. "I'm the airport manager. I offer my apologies. I haven't been informed beforehand that you're here. Sorry for taking it so long."

Sara simply nodded her head in response. Pointing at the woman, whose jaw almost dropped out of surprise, she said, "Her son damaged my bracelet. Please make sure that they won't be leaving until the police gets here."

At this point, the woman was starting to believe Sara's words. 'This girl looks like she really is some sort of important figure. The prayer beads bracelet might really be worth that price, ' she thought to herself.

It was only then that she began regretting not pulling her son away when he went to grab Sara's bracelet.

"You're gonna take me to the police?" The boy's eyes dilated in utter surprise. "Who do you think you are? You have the nerve to mess with me! Fuck you!"

Then, he suddenly spat at Sara, who managed to swiftly dodge the

the area to make sure there was no one else inside the toilet, she leaned forward and patted the little boy on his head. Even though she already had a sneaking suspicion, Cassandra still made it a point to sound as calm as she possibly could and told him, "Your mom isn't here. Let's check somewhere else. Would that be alright?"

Grabbing her finger, the boy lowered his head once again. It could be counted as a sort of a nod at least.

Pulling on the boy's arm to go out, Cassandra realized that it was a bit too late.

A number of guys entered the toilet and had their gazes fixated on Cassandra.

'Are they actually planning to do something to me in broad daylight? Someone could walk inside the toilet at any given minute. Don't they feel the least bit afraid of getting caught?' Cassandra worriedly thought.

However, the truth was that they weren't afraid whatsoever.

Slowly taking a couple of steps back, Cassandra asked, "What do you intend to do to me?"

Taking off his sunglasses, the man standing in front of this group of people flat-out replied, "My boss disappeared because of you. If I want to see my boss safe and sound again, then I'll have to bring you along. I believe he'd be more than willing to exchange my boss's freedom for you."

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