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   Chapter 751 A Brat (Part One)

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"How about today?" Sara said to him.

Finding this a bit surprising, Yazid exclaimed, "Why are you in such a hurry?"

Tugging on the blanket and clinging onto it as though she was feeling cold, she mumbled, "I kinda miss Mom and Dad."

Yazid didn't believe that was her actual reason for suggesting that at all. But because she looked so down in the dumps, he didn't bother prying too much into it.

Heading toward the kitchen, he had a glass of milk heated up for his sister. Sara had always been fond of enjoying a warm glass of milk. As if by routine, she would tend to fall asleep right away after drinking it.

Holding the glass in her hands, she finished drinking it in no time. As she squinted her eyes, she reminded him, "Yazid, don't forget to book the flight for me. I'm gonna go to sleep now. Feel free to bring me to the airport while I'm asleep. In case you're still worried, you can also come along with me."

When she was done telling him that, she proceeded to close her eyes. Looking at her face which was flushed out of its color, Yazid couldn't help but feel disheartened.

After being deep in thought for a while, in the end, he heaved a heavy sigh and ultimately decided to respect Sara's decision.

In any case, this should be the end of her and Harry's relationship. It would do her no good if she stayed with Harry any longer.

Yazid intended to wait until Sara woke up, but unfortunately, Hans needed him for something.

Before leaving the house, he left a note for Sara, telling her to get something to eat as soon as she woke up and that she could go back to sleep in her bed. Inside the kitchen, he had prepared her most favorite meals. And he also said that he would be back soon enough.

When she woke up, Sara felt as though her whole body was in so much pain.

"Yazid," Sara called out his name.

As she might have expected already, she didn't get any response. Taking the blanket off and shoving it away, Sara felt so alone all of a sudd

yelled at my son until he broke into tears."

Sneering at her, Sara replied, "Well, excuse me? Your son was the one who went ahead and tried to grab my bracelet from out of the blue. Don't you even know what decency is?"

The woman seemed to be having reservations now. "You're making things up. My dear son simply like your bracelet. That's all."

Sara took off her prayer beads bracelet. It was quite obvious that one of the beads was missing. "Your son damaged my prayer beads. Ma'am, don't you think you should be giving me some sort of compensation for that?"

The woman curled her lips and remarked, "It's just some random prayer beads bracelet. How much could that even cost? Five thousand? Somewhere along that line? You can probably buy a dozen beads with that sum of money."

Sara appeared as though she had just heard such an amusing joke. "Five thousand wouldn't even be enough to pay for its maintenance cost."

Gazing upon the prayer beads she was holding in her hand, Sara explained, "This string of prayer beads in particular has been consecrated. It was performed by a prestigious Master. All of that cost me 1.7 million."

Unable to hold herself back, the woman spat, "Girl, that's ridiculous! You're telling me that a string of beads is worth 1.7 million! Are you trying to take me for a fool?"

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