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   Chapter 749 Something Mischievous (Part Three)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 6937

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Harry was actually good at handling liquor, on most occasions. Today, unfortunately, was his unlucky day. That bartender had mixed some of the strongest spirits in his arsenal and now Harry was out of his depth.

"Harry!" Sara found the subject of her undying love in a semi-unconscious state.

Harry raised his head when he heard his name being called.

As a result of the alcohol, Harry was starting to imagine Cassandra standing in front of him.

And she was gazing directly into his eyes.

A fiery passion for desire immediately lit up inside his heart.

He reached out his arms to pull her in his arms. It looked like he was reaching for a glass of water after spending days in a desert without a single drop.

Lowering his head, he hugged the woman tight and sucked on the lips he had been yearning for years. The softness of her touch almost drove him crazy.

However, the sudden nature of the kiss brought Sara back to her senses, who opened her eyes wide in shock.

Harry was kissing her.

The sublime thought made Sara wonder whether she was dreaming or not. Just a few hours ago, Harry rejected her, but now, he was kissing her.

When Harry finally let her go after the prolonged kiss, Sara felt dizzied by him. This time, it wasn't due to alcohol but rather euphoria. Overwhelmed by immense joy, the girl could barely breathe.

"Harry!" Sara's lips were a bit swollen due to the rough nature of Harry's kiss.

"Do you like me?" Sara had the most enchanting pair of eyes, which used to glaze over every time she looked at someone imploringly.

However, Harry couldn't hear anything else right now. All he wanted to do was to hold 'Cassandra' in his arms and not let her go.

After a long pause, just when Sara thought that Harry wasn't going to answer her question, Harry suddenly said, "I do like you." There was so much resolve in his voice that it encouraged Sara. "I've always liked you."

As if mocking himself, he continued, "I've made a mistake. I've missed so many opportunities. I should have told you earlier that I liked you. P


The whole night, they reached climax again and again, and each time Sara's heart grew colder.

Sara woke up very early in the morning. Although, she was exhausted from a night that left her both physically and mentally drained, she couldn't sleep a wink.

She opened her eyes to the new day with despair.

When the daylight broke in, Sara sat up and looked at the marks Harry had left on her body. A bitter smile crept onto her face.

The man lying next to her was sound asleep. Even when he was sleeping, his brows were creased.

Sara leaned over to him and kissed him on his brows. Her eyes filled up with both love and sorrow.

"Harry, why can't you like me," the girl murmured. "I know I'm quite naive and clumsy.

But I am crazy about you."

After barely managing to get up on her feet, Sara slowly dragged herself out.

To her surprise, the bartender was sitting right outside the room.

With a fake smile, Sara tried to feign happiness, but she soon realized that it was harder than it seemed.

The bartender seemed puzzled by her expression. 'I thought she wanted me to help her last night? Why does she look so upset?' he wondered.

"Hello, Mr. Bartender," Sara hesitated and said in a soft tone. "Can I stay at your place? My brother will kill me, if I go back home like this."

The bartender frowned, but eventually he nodded his head.

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