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   Chapter 748 Something Mischievous (Part Two)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 7251

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"I think Harry and Sara make a good pair," Cassandra remarked.

Luckily Harry wasn't there, or else, he would have been furious to see the person he loved playing matchmaker for him.

Harry brought Sara to a comparatively clean bar.

When they arrived, the owner of the bar came out to welcome them.

The establishment had been operating at the Ji family's property for many years now, so technically Harry could be regarded as the actual owner of the place.

Harry waved his hands at the owner, signaling to him to bring them to a quiet corner. Sara tugged at Harry's sleeves. Her mood was still low.

"If your brother finds out that I brought you to a place like this, he is going to burn this bar to the ground," Harry said helplessly.

Sara pouted her lips to show her dissatisfaction. 'I don't want to hear about that! I don't want to think of what Yazid will do! Harry, I just want you!' she exclaimed inwardly.

"Harry..." Sara leaned to the counter and turned her face to him. "I still like you. I will continue to like you. You will have to accept me one day!"

Harry quickly switched the topic to avoid talking about that anymore.

"I thought you always wanted to come to a bar. Today, you can do whatever you want. Just do me a small favor... Try not to be too crazy. If Yazid finds out, he won't go easy on you."

Sara winked at Harry with a roguish charm, thinking, 'Harry cares for me after all! Yes! I have to double my efforts of winning Harry's heart as soon as possible!'

"I want him to make me a cocktail!" Sara told Harry as she pointed at one of the bartenders.

The bartender had a neat and handsome face, with a chilly aura around him.

"Why did you choose him?" Harry asked.

Eyeing the bartender, Sara smiled. "Doesn't he look like my brother? Since my brother wouldn't allow me to come here, I want to make the best out of this opportunity. I would like to imagine him as my brother!

Don't you think that would be funny?"

All of a sudden, Harry had a strange feeling as if he didn't know who this little girl was anymore. Just moments ago, she was crying over his rejection, but now, she was already having so


All the while, Sara kept drinking like a bottomless pit. Although the bartender only gave her the low-proof drinks, this was the first time she had drunk so much and after a few glasses, her vision blurred and she started to feel dizzy.

In the end, the bartender changed her drink from cocktails to water.

After drinking cold water out of a cocktail glass, the girl remarked, "This glass of wine is really strong! So strong!"

Once the alcohol started to take effect, even Harry struggled to make out his surroundings clearly.

Giggling like a hyena, Sara said to Harry, "Are you drunk already?"

Harry turned to look at Sara. There was a slight tinge of barely noticeable redness on his face.

"No! Why? Do you want to get me drunk? You're going to have to try harder than that."

Taken by his arrogance, Sara said, "You should drink more! I can only do something naughty to you if you're drunk."

Harry became intrigued with Sara's secret plan. "Yes? What do you want to do to me?"

Smirking at him suggestively, Sara answered, "Something mischievous."

Upon noticing the drunk man and woman, the bartender gestured to his manager with a nod.

The manager arranged for a private room in the bar for the couple. For some strange reason, even the manager seemed to revere this dumb bartender.

Sara, however, was not happy about being put into a room. "Hey! Mr. Bartender! Wait! You haven't gotten Harry drunk yet!"

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