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   Chapter 747 Something Mischievous (Part One)

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Sara soon came to realize that her words had fallen short of their targets, so she stomped her heels on the man's foot as a last ditch effort and dashed away.

After running a few dozen paces, Sara turned around to find the man standing eerily still, his piercing eyes fixated on her.

Sara's heart thumped and a cold clamminess filtered into every pore of her skin. A twinge of panic crossed her face before she turned around again and ran away as fast as she could.

'Where do I go now?' she asked herself. The place where she was currently staying at was arranged by Harry.

Unfortunately, that place was the last place on earth she wanted to be in right now. 'I won't be able to stop thinking of Harry's rejection if I go back there, ' she told herself.

Soon, however, another idea popped into her head—a bar. 'But If Yazid finds out that I went to a bar alone, he will definitely scold me.'

Desolately wandering in the cold, drenched in rain, Sara felt as though she was the most miserable soul in the world. The fact that she was the only pedestrian on the street didn't help to make her feel less lonely.

"Rufus, look!" Meanwhile, Just as she came out of the supermarket, Cassandra saw a familiar figure in the rain. Pointing towards her, she said, "Isn't that Sara? Give me the umbrella. I'll go and have a look."

Rufus grabbed the umbrella and handed it to Cassandra.

She walked briskly to Sara, while Rufus followed her.

"Hey! What are you doing here? Are you here by yourself?" Cassandra asked. She felt it strange that Sara was all by herself because she was rarely seen without the company of Harry. Everyone knew that Sara and Harry were joined at the hip.

One look at Cassandra's face and Sara suddenly broke down in tears.

"Cassandra," Sara said, lips quivering with every breath she took.

Nonplussed, Cassandra asked, "What's wrong? What happened? Why are you crying?"

Sara pursed her lips, reluctant to share her feelings with Cassandra. After all, it was an embarrassing story to tell.

Eyebrows furrowed, Cassandra said, "You're soaking wet. Wait! Let me get you some hot water."

Sara nodded her head mindlessly. While Cassandra was gone, Sara lowered her head to avert Rufus's gaze. His general

me, acting like she wouldn't take no for an answer.

Harry schemed in his mind and decided to keep his lips sealed.

But he really had no idea on how to deal with Sara's stubbornness.

Fortunately, an idea surfaced in his mind. "Why don't you come with me to a bar if you're still feeling sad?"

Sara eyes opened wide almost immediately.

Then she bobbed her head up and down in approval.

Without further delay, Harry pulled her away, afraid that she would put him in a difficult spot in front of Cassandra again. Before leaving, Harry put on a bitter smile and said, "Cassandra, thank you for keeping an eye on her. I owe you a treat for this time."

Then he walked away with Sara, completely ignoring Rufus's presence.

After seeing them off, Cassandra sighed, "Don't you think Sara is too gullible?"

Rufus's eyebrows shot up in puzzlement. "It's no secret that she's been coddled all her life by her family. She looks innocent."

"But it seems that Harry secretly loves someone else. How come I didn't know anything about that?" Cassandra felt disgruntled at the thought of it.

Rufus suddenly asked, "What would you do if Harry is in love with you?"

Peering at Rufus, Cassandra said, "Okay, funny man. Enough with the jokes."

Rufus shrugged his shoulders and chuckled. All of a sudden, he felt sorry for Harry. The man had been secretly admiring Cassandra for so many years, but she didn't notice a trace of it.

That being said, Rufus still felt delighted for that.

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