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   Chapter 746 I Want No One But You

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"I don't want to eat!" Sara shouted her displeasure, eyeing him with anger.

She was making a confession about something that was obviously very important to her. How could he just ignore her like that?

Harry flatly said, "Just hold on a second."

He walked away from the table without another word, leaving Sara to her own thoughts.

'I guess that means he doesn't want anything to do with me, ' the girl thought. As it turned out, the naive girl wasn't so naive after all.

Suddenly, a short pang of pain shot through her hands, drawing all her attention. Yet she couldn't tell where the pain was more severe—the one in her hands or the one in her heart.

Before a single drop of tear could even part from her eyes, Harry came back with a small medical pack.

"Harry?" Sara gazed at him mindlessly.

"Give me your hand," Harry calmly said.

Sara complied without question. Carefully, Harry poured some medicinal fluid onto a piece of cotton and dabbed it on her bruises. A warm sensation filled Sara's heart with affection.

"Harry, you haven't given me an answer yet!" Sara continued to probe Harry, hoping to get a positive answer from him.

Harry pursed his lips and kept silent.

After a while, he finally replied, "Sara, you're a nice girl, but we're not right for each other."

With eyes turning blurry, Sara steeled herself to not cry in front of Harry.

"What makes you say that? Please, tell me. I can change. I am willing to do whatever it takes to be the right person for you."

Harry heaved a sigh, lowering his head. "Sara, your life has always been simple and easy. You are constantly doted on by everyone around you. We come from two different worlds."

Sara felt like she had been judged unreasonably by him. As her voice trembled, she said, "Can you tell me exactly what it is that isn't to your liking? Be honest. I can change for you."

Harry was rendered dumbstruck and speechless. If it had been any other girl instead of Sara, he would have probably rejected her right away without even bothering to give an explanation.

However, Sara was not just any other girl.

She was the little princess in the family. And he had always regarded her as his younger sister.

Although she was raised in a pampered environment, Sara had a kind heart.

That was also the reason why Harry had always been nice to her.

"Sara," Harry slowly said, "you're still very young. Someday, you'll surely meet the right person for you."

The tears that Sara had been trying hard to contain finally overpowered her.

"But I only want you. Harry, I want no one else but you!" Sara broke down in tears.

It was the first time she confessed her feelings to someone. It was a confession to someone she had been secretly in love with for years.

Unfortunately, fate didn't agree with her wishes.

Biting her lip, Sara asked, "Why can't you accept me? Harry, are you in love someone else?"

Harry fell into silence. If Cassandra had never appeared in his life, or if he hadn't been madly in love with Cassandra, perhaps he would have accepted Sara now.

However, Harry knew better than to confuse such hypotheticals with the reality of life. His heart now belonged to Cassandra in its entirety and there was no space for another woman in his life.

"I'll ass

The pain became unbearable and the man finally snapped.

Sara didn't let go of him until she felt her jaw ache.

She raised her head defiantly, eyes filled with tears, as if she had been wronged.

"You were being insensitive," Sara complained.

The man looked at his wrist and gasped in horror. There were two lines of teeth marks, blood seeping through the skin. 'This is going to leave a nasty scar, ' he thought to himself.

"Harry doesn't like me..." Sara started to show signs of calming down after she bit the man's arm. Murmuring incoherently to herself, she lowered her head again.

The man was infuriated, but when he saw the girl's disconsolate face, his anger immediately vanished.

"If he doesn't like you, why don't you just stop liking him? The solution is simple," the man suggested.

As the conversation between two strangers went on, the rain became heavier than ever. 'I must be crazy. Why did I choose to stand in the rain just to watch a woman crying instead of going back to my mansion?' the man castigated himself.

"Stop liking Harry..." Sara mumbled as she mindlessly gazed at the man. She just sat there, puzzled, like a deer in the headlights.

"Then who should I like?" she asked herself, under her breath.

Eyeing Sara, the man blurted out, "Me."

Sara was astonished. "What?"

'Goodness! What did I just say? Why did I act on my impulse? But now that I've said it, it will be so embarrassing if try to take it back, ' he thought. The man then explained, "I was just suggesting that you could like me, instead, if you want to. I wouldn't make you cry at least, unlike that Harry."

Sara stared at him, eyes turning hazy again. "I don't like you! I only like Harry!"

Eventually, being subjected to Harry's name repeatedly drove the man angry. "Harry! Harry! Harry! Why can't I compare to him?!" he asked her, raising his voice.

"You seem like an interesting girl. Please tell me who you are? I'm really interested in you."

Casting the man a contemptuous glance, Sara retorted, "You're a joke! You can never compare to Harry!" The man's derisive comment on Harry angered Sara. After all, Harry was the most perfect man in the world to her.

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