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   Chapter 745 Cassandra's Dream (Part Two)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 5825

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After spending the whole morning getting the ingredients, Sara felt satisfied and excited.

It was obvious that she couldn't make a presentable lunch within such a short time, especially because it would be the first time she'd be cooking.

Harry had always treated her in an indifferent manner. He had never shown any proactive interest in her. However, he wasn't dismissive of her either.

Sara knew he was only being kind and polite with her out of respect for their elders.

But she wasn't ready to give up. She believed she had enough time to convince him to change his mind, as she was still quite young.

She hoped one day Harry would fall in love with her.

The girl entered the kitchen confidently. She looked around at all kinds of utensils around her and started feeling sudden pangs of helplessness.

She had no idea what all those utensils were for, nor did she know how to use them.

She spent the whole afternoon in the kitchen, trying to cook. In the process, she made a huge mess and even destroyed two pans.

Her pretty face got overcast with smoke and her delicate hands got scalded.

"Jesus! It hurts!" Sara blew on her fingers, almost on the verge of tears. She felt helpless, looking at the scorched pan.

In the end, only a few ingredients remained. Everything else she'd bought was wasted and thrown in the trash can. She had not yet been able to conjure up a satisfactory meal.

She felt like bursting into tears, but managed to control that impulse. She bit her lips and focused again on preparing the meal.

At last, Sara managed to come up with several less stomach-churning dishes with some effort.

When he returned home, Harry saw the girl sitting at the dining table, waiting for him.

was a girl who cared a lot about her skin and appearance. She had a near-perfect complexion; a soft, glowing skin. However, in order to prepare a meal for Harry, she'd forgotten all about it and let her delicate hands suffer.

Harry looked at her lowered eyes, feeling conflicted. He knew she had feelings for him for a long time.

But there was only one person he truly cared about in his heart. That was Cassandra.

Upon realizing the extents of effort Sara had taken to please him, Harry's heart filled up complexities.

He wanted to tell Sara that he didn't deserve any of that.

"Harry..." Sara looked up at him with a somber look, like she'd gathered up the courage she'd meant to. "I want to tell you something...something very important. It really matters to me that you know..."

Harry could predict where this was going.

As he had expected, Sara continued, "I love you, Harry. I have been in love with you for years. Will you be with me?"

Sara gazed at him steadily, trying to find the answer in his eyes.

However, Harry dodged her gaze subconsciously. He changed the subject in a perfunctory way, "Well, let me cook you a meal."

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