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   Chapter 744 Cassandra's Dream (Part One)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 6001

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Rufus was more than willing to accept their invitation to cooperate. How could he reject it?

Winnie was completely drunk. As usual, Rufus planned to book a room for her in the hotel and ask a staff member to take care of her.

But before he could do that, Winnie grasped his arm and murmured in a low tone, "I want to go back home. Can you take me home?"

Rufus frowned. He knew where she lived. But he didn't have the time to drop her right now as he had to go back home with Cassandra.

Winnie's head was muddled. She clung to Rufus's arm tightly, unwilling to let go of him. Rufus could feel his head aching badly at the moment.

"Just stay here and wait for a second." Unaware of whether she heard him clearly or not, Rufus jerked his arm away from her and made her sit in a chair. He then left the room.

Rubbing her eyes, Cassandra pushed the door open.

"Can we leave now?" she asked.

Rufus felt helpless. "Winnie is very drunk. I'm afraid we will have to drop her home first."

Even though she didn't like Winnie, Cassandra couldn't disagree. Without any malicious intents, she answered, "Sure."

On their way to Winnie's house, Winnie deliberately leaned against Rufus a few times. Cassandra who was sitting next to him on the other side, turned uncomfortable and anxious at the sight of this.

In the end, Rufus was annoyed by Winnie's reckless behavior. He went to sit in the front seat, leaving Cassandra and her sitting at the back with a wide gap between them.

Finally, Winnie sat still. She didn't move a single inch from that point on.

When they got to Winnie's place, Rufus asked the driver to help her get off the car, while he produced the key from her bag.

After sending Winnie back to her bedroom safely, Rufus and Cassandra left for home.


finally lit up her mind. She would make a lovely lunch for Harry! Surely, that would cheer him up.

She decided to use food to express her love for him. She truly believed, through that, Harry would feel the love and care she was harboring for him.

The only problem was she didn't know how to begin. She had never cooked before. What was more, she didn't even know what ingredients she needed to cook.

However, living in a time when equipping one with technologies of all kinds of information was available readily, it wasn't a difficult task to fish out a recipe. All she needed to do was to google it.

Sara had been overly flattered since she was very little. Therefore, even though this would be the first time she'd be cooking, she bore a strong, blind over-confidence.

She believed Harry would definitely be moved upon finding out that she'd cooked for him herself.

Sara first went to a nearby supermarket. She bought almost all the vegetables that the website she'd referred listed.

As for the meat, Sara found herself a little annoyed to choose from all the kinds that they were selling there. She was disgusted by it, as she'd never gone to buy meat on her own before.

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