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   Chapter 743 Memories On Wives (Part Two)

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Winnie fell silent because of that, hiding her clenched fist under the table until her knuckles had turned white from the pressure.

After all of the dishes he ordered got served, Rufus made it a point to remind Cassandra, "Lock the door when I leave. And don't open the door for anyone else other than me. Understood?"

"Okay," Cassandra answered, nodding her head at him.

She had become so accustomed to Rufus practicing extreme caution. It was such an important period for her after all. At this stage of her pregnancy, she had to take extra care of her body, because the baby had gotten big enough to make some tiny movements which she could clearly feel.

'I'm gonna make sure that you're born safely. I will take care of myself for the both of us, ' Cassandra said to herself.

After planting a kiss on her lips, he went ahead and left the room.

"I'm sorry for taking so long. Let me drink a glass of wine to make up for it." Upon saying that, Rufus downed a glass of wine in one big gulp.

With a smile on his face, one of the guests replied, "Mr. Luo, it's perfectly fine. We understand. No worries. Please take a seat."

When they were about half-way through the dinner, Rufus excused himself to go check on Cassandra. "Please excuse me for a moment. I'll be back soon."

Then, he promptly took his leave.

"Miss An, you seem to be able to hold your alcohol." After Rufus went out, the other CEOs had their gazes focused solely on the beautiful assistant with a skittish grin.

They had assumed that she was Rufus's mistress the minute they laid their eyes on her, so they didn't show any sign of being interested. Now that Rufus had made it clear just how much he loved his wife, they felt a sense of assurance that this young assistant wasn't involved with his romantically.

As a result, the last bit of constraint that was holding them back disappeared completely.

"Come on, Miss An, share a drink with me." One man smiled. "I'll be hosting a party on my

women, there's only one who could resonate with me and that I would like to spend the rest of my life with."

After a period of silence, the man who asked Rufus blurted out, "That made me think of my wife just all of a sudden. When we were just starting out, she was just nineteen years of age, much like a blossoming flower. And just like that, a decade has passed in the blink of an eye. Time sure flies!"

Without uttering a single word, Rufus smiled at his response.

The topic of their discussion suddenly shifted into that of family matters. The CEOs started giving the others a recollection of their most precious memories with their partners along with their love stories.

What they'd usually do was they would go have some fun after having dinner. But for tonight, none of that seemed to have even crossed their mind.

"Let's head back early today. My wife must be waiting for me at home. I've been telling her to just go to sleep ahead of me, but she keeps on insisting to wait for me," someone remarked. "I used to think that was annoying in the past. Today, it suddenly feels so good to know that there's someone waiting for me to come home."

By the time their meal ended, each of their eyes had become filled with tenderness. And two of the CEOs proposed to start a business partnership with Rufus.

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