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   Chapter 742 Memories On Wives (Part One)

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During the following day, Rufus brought Cassandra along everywhere he went. The employees weren't really fond of Cassandra because they still thought that it was Cassandra who caused the accident last time. From the way they saw it, she might even have asked Rufus to have someone take the blame for her.

For that reason, they'd been keeping a safe distance from her.

This didn't really seem to bother Rufus that much, because for as long as he had the little woman by his side, then everything would be just fine. No one would have the nerve to bring harm toward Cassandra right under his nose.

Worried that Cassandra might end up getting bored, Rufus also brought some books for her to read and pass the time.

There were a handful of books on architecture, and of course, some of her favorite fictions and non-fictions as well.

After browsing through the titles, Cassandra picked up a book and headed into the office's inner room. After putting on some relaxing music, she sat on the bed and began to read.

As a smile crept onto his face, Rufus appeared to feel at ease.

After a while of reading, Cassandra felt her eyelids getting heavier and heavier.

Still holding the book in her hand, she gently closed her eyes and was about to doze off.

When he walked into the room, Rufus stumbled upon Cassandra leaning against the wall with a book in her hand. She didn't seem to notice him coming in. It looked like she was already fast asleep.

Maybe she wasn't feeling so comfortable or something, as she unconsciously furrowed her eyebrows and moved a little bit.

The blanket then fell off.

Rufus decided to help her get into a more comfortable position and put a blanket over her. Then, he went ahead and grabbed the book and placed it down on the bedside table.

Examining Cassandra's sleeping face, Rufus couldn't help himself from kissing her and massaging her belly.

A bulge was starting to form.

Those eyes of his seemed to be filled with nothing but love. Winnie witnessed all of this as she was secretly peering into the room. A strong feeling of jealousy gushe

istant like you."

"Mr. Luo and Miss An, you look like you'll make the perfect pair. I can't help but feel envious now," another CEO commented.

Cassandra stepped into the room just in time to hear the remarks made by the two CEOs.

With a sullen look on his face, Rufus held Cassandra's hand tightly as his eyes coldly swept across the people staying in the room waiting for him.

"My wife is pregnant now. I'm gonna make sure she's settled first before joining you for dinner," Rufus coldly informed them.

The person who just made the comment on how Rufus would probably make a perfect pair with Winnie couldn't hide his embarrassment.

He made his wife tag along with him even though he had to come to a business meeting. How on earth could he possibly even have a secret romance with his assistant?

"Mr. Luo is quite a responsible husband!" someone blurted out.

"Right. Please excuse me for a moment. I'll be with you soon. But feel free to eat first. You don't have to wait for me," Rufus told them.

Then, he went ahead and grabbed Cassandra's hand to exit the room. But before completely turning around, Cassandra bowed her head a little and shot the guests a rueful smile.

The minute they left the room, the CEOs began commenting again on how much Rufus loved and cared for his wife. Then, someone brought up a different topic and continued on with their conversation.

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