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   Chapter 741 Ask Them To Stay Out Of My Way (Part Two)

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Cassandra looked at Rufus affectionately. "You don't have the heart to do that, do you?"

Rufus didn't respond. He still remembered the days back in the Dark Night Group. Charlie had treated him as if he were his own son. Although he had done some unacceptable things in the past, he was still worthy of redemption in Rufus's eyes.

However, things were different this time. If he did not successfully fight back against Charlie, he would have ended up hurting Cassandra. That was a line Rufus couldn't allow him to cross.

After pondering for a while, Rufus responded, "I will find a way to take away his power so that he will never be able to hurt us again."

Cassandra pursed her lips. "Actually, I think we can try to help him..."

Rufus interrupted Cassandra, "It's not going to work. Unless we can bring Amanda back to life, Charlie will never stop coming at us."

Now, Cassandra fell silent. She realized that it was futile to avoid the inevitable.

Rufus caressed her head. "Sweetie, don't worry. I will handle it."

Considering what had happened earlier today, Rufus fell in deep thought. Eventually, he came to a conclusion, "From now on, I want you to stick with me wherever I go. I am worried about you being left at home alone."

Cassandra chuckled and said, "It sounds like I'm going to cause you quite a lot of trouble. Are you sure you won't mind having me around all the time?"

Rufus looked at Cassandra lovingly and said, "I will never feel burdened to have you at my side. Not even for a second."

Rufus and Cassandra were having a sweet romantic moment. Meanwhile, Harry was having a completely different moment elsewhere.

Jeff was locked up in a wet basement along with his accomplices. To Harry's surprise, when he went over to question them, Jeff confessed everything to him without him resisting.

This was very unlik

eyes at Yazid. "I'm more aware of your sister's personality than you are. Sara looks like an angel on the surface, but she is a demon in her heart."

Yazid raised an eyebrow and said, "Hypothetically speak, who would you choose, me or my sister?"

"You, of course!" Hans responded without hesitation.

However, Hans soon realized the stupidity in his own words. Why did he have to choose between Sara and Yazid when there were more options in the world he could choose from?

Yazid was satisfied with Hans's answer. He gestured at Hans with his finger, beckoning to him while sending a message to Sara.

"Don't call Hans by his name anymore. He's your 'sister-in-law' from now on."

When she read the message, Sara almost fell off of her bed out of astonishment. 'How could my big brother be so evil-hearted?' she wondered. She then wished her new 'sister-in-law' good luck in her heart.

After tossing about on the bed for a while, Sara suddenly realized that Yazid had just showed off his affection for Hans instead of helping her figure out a way to please Harry.

After angrily cursing her brother to cripple himself by falling down from the bed during sleep, Sara started to think of a way to make Harry happy by her own.

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