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   Chapter 740 Ask Them To Stay Out Of My Way (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-11-10 00:12

Charlie laughed contemptuously and said, "Have you come here to look for Cassandra?"

Without giving Rufus the chance to respond, he continued, "Do you know the man called Jeff? Cassandra is now in his possession. Even if you go there as fast as you can, I believe it will still be too late for you."

Without wasting another second, Rufus turned around and ran out quickly.

The name 'Jeff' rang a bell. With great anxiety, Rufus recalled the first time he had heard of Jeff. He couldn't remember who it was that first mentioned it to him, but the rumors of Jeff destroying the lives of countless women were still fresh in his memory.

Memories of the hatred and contempt he felt for Jeff when he had heard of his atrocious actions reappeared in his mind. He could never forget that heinous man or his name even if he tried.

If Cassandra were indeed with him right now, then it would only be a matter of time before something bad happened to her.

Although he had a bone to pick with Charlie, Rufus didn't want to waste any time arguing with him. Cassandra's safety took priority over all other matters for him.

As a result, no matter how reluctant he was to leave without teaching Charlie a lesson, he was left with no choice.

Glaring at a group of Charlie's men who had intercepted him on his way to rescue Cassandra, Rufus turned to face Charlie and growled at him, "Tell them to stay out of my way!"

Charlie, however, was determined to keep him from going anywhere. He sneered at Rufus, "Fall to my knees and beg me! Maybe then I will change my mind!"

Rufus, whose eyes turning red with fury, cast a deadly glare at Charlie before charging towards the men like a raging bull.

Much to Charlie's surprise, Rufus manhandled all the men to the ground on his own.

Charlie looked at him in utter disbelief, mouth agape, as he couldn't believe what his eyes had just witnessed. The price to pay for underestimating Rufus's fighting


Rufus apologized sincerely, "I didn't answer because it was an unknown number. I wouldn't have ignored it if I knew it was you."

Cassandra thought out loud, "And how did you know where to find me?"

Rufus raised his eyebrows. "Maybe there is psychic connection between us."

Cassandra couldn't help bursting into laughter. Thanks to Rufus, she no longer felt upset and worried.

After staying in each other's loving embrace for a little longer, Cassandra suddenly said, "Rufus, will those people come for us again? I am very nervous. What if they come for my mother one day? I am so afraid for her that I don't think I'll be able to sleep peacefully."

Rufus frowned. "We are the ones Charlie is after. I firmly believe he will not do anything to hurt Edith. But it's still likely that he may use her to hurt us again, just like what happened today."

Cassandra looked even more anxious, her lips quivered without pause. "Rufus, isn't there anything you can do to stop them?"

Rufus fell silent. After a while, he answered slowly, "Yes, there is."

Cassandra asked curiously, "What is it?"

Rufus's voice hardened. "I will have to take away his power and everything he has. Only by making sure that he has nothing left to retaliate with, will I be able to put an end to this."

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