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   Chapter 739 Aren't You Afraid (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-11-10 00:03

A nervous smile made its way to Jeff's face. "My mistake, you really are the young master of Ji family. I am so sorry. I didn't recognize," he said.

However, Harry just cast him a venomous glance.

"It's my fault. How about this? Let me treat you for dinner tonight. I'll book the best restaurant in the city, and I promise not to mess with Cassandra anymore," Jeff continued.

"You want to do it the soft way now? It's too late," Harry jeered.

He then turned to look at his men and said, "Take all of them back. And don't forget to teach them a lesson."

All the color from Jeff's face was immediately drained.

Harry didn't bother to look at them as he spoke in a cool voice, "You should feel lucky that I'm less hot headed now. If I were who I was before, you would've paid with your lives!"

Squeezed together in the truck, Cassandra and Sara watched in shock. Harry pushed away the person who helped him, and trudged towards the girls.

"It's alright, everything is fine. You can come out now."

The moment she heard these words, Sara jumped of the car and swung herself into Harry's arms.

"Harry! I was so scared!" she exclaimed.

Cassandra eyed Harry and his wounds with care and asked, "Does it hurt? Do you need to see a doctor?"

A reassuring smile formed on Harry's face. "Don't worry. My bones weren't fractured," he reassured her.

Cassandra nodded then said, "By the way, I still have something urgent to attend. I have to go now."

Harry frowned a little. "Let me drive you back," he offered.

However, Cassandra declined, "There's no need. You should take care of Sara for now."

Then she turned around, waved her hand, and walked away.

Still, Harry felt uncertain, so he asked two of his people to follow Cassandra.

He then tu

"Alright, you won't tell anyone now," he murmured.

There were a few guards at the second floor. Rufus studied how the guards were positioned and concluded that it was indeed hard to get there.

He had his people stationed and ready for his orders near this place, but he didn't want to use them.

He needed to have a private conversation with Charlie.

His former excursions with the Dark Night Group had earned him a few skills.

Little by little, a plan formed in his mind.

A few minutes later, the entire club had a blackout. Even the backup power supply became faulty all of a sudden.

Naturally, the whole place fell into chaos. A loud gunshot followed, which worsened the commotion.

At that point, Charlie had ordered the guards on the second floor to go down and keep the order.

There was an almost quiet tapping sound, and Charlie wouldn't have heard it if he hadn't listened more closely⁠—but he didn't turn around. "Enough of that. That's really a typical thing you'd do," he said when he heard some footsteps behind him.

"Very well. Since you've guessed that it's me, why did you order your guards to go down? Aren't you afraid that I will shoot you?"

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