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   Chapter 737 Strong Vindictiveness (Part Two)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 6216

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Cassandra still insisted on having lunch at Grand Restaurant. Finally, both Edith and the man agreed.

By then, Rufus was done with the meeting. He read Cassandra's message and called her up.

On the phone, Cassandra briefed him on what had happened. Rufus told her to wait at the restaurant and that he would join them as soon as possible.

"Mrs. Luo, there's a call I need to make. Please excuse me," the man said with a smile on his face.

With a nod, Cassandra simply made a "hmm" sound.

As soon as the man left the private room in the restaurant where they had been seated for lunch, Cassandra told her mother she was going to the ladies' room. She left the private room too, and started to follow the man.

He was talking on the phone at the end of the corridor, where nobody else was around him. Noiselessly, Cassandra approached him, intending to eavesdrop into the conversation.

As she headed toward him, someone grabbed her from behind, covering her mouth and nose. She could smell a strange odor only for a second before finally losing consciousness.

Edith waited for both of them in the room. Neither the man nor Cassandra came back, and she began to grow restless.

By the time Rufus arrived at the restaurant, Edith was already struck with panic, like a dying duck in a thunderstorm.

"What on earth happened here?" he asked, seeing that Cassandra was nowhere around. His cold voice sounded both terrifying and terrified.

It wasn't until she saw Rufus that Edith began to lose her composure altogether, as if he was her mainstay. She told Rufus what had happened in detail.

Rufus understood what was going on immediately.

The mother and daughter had fallen into a trap. However, he couldn't waste any time thinking about the details for the time being.

The most important thing was to get Cassandra back. He knew on

could simply not take it. She had to vent her anger. At the same time, Harry had no choice but to act on behalf of her.

"Who do you think you are threatening?" he asked in a voice as cold as a marble.

As soon as the two men saw Harry, they knew that he had a gang background of sorts, which could be seen in his mannerisms.

"Open the trunk! Now!" Harry said, gritting his teeth.

The two men felt the heat rising. Their foreheads started to sweat.

However, they could not open the trunk.

"I'm asking you once and for all, open the trunk!" Harry said, squinting. "I'm not a very patient man. Do as I say or the consequences are going to be dire, I warn you."

The two men looked at each other, silently deciding to surrender. They didn't know what Harry would do if they disagreed. They had no choice but to concede to him and the crowd.

Little did they know, their condition would be even more miserable after opening the trunk.

The moment Harry saw Cassandra inside the trunk, his cold expression shifted. His eyes softened, and his voice fell weak.

"Cassandra...How did you end up in this trunk? What happened?" Harry asked, helping Cassandra, who was still weak and wet with sweat, get out of the trunk.


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