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   Chapter 735 Protect Cassandra (Part Two)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 6168

Updated: 2019-11-08 00:03

Three days later, and Rufus still hadn't heard from Charlie. He tried to visit his home and the grave every day, even his old office, but he couldn't find Charlie anywhere.

Rufus was growing worried that Charlie might do something drastic and kill himself too. He knew how much Amanda meant in the world to him. Rufus would understand why Charlie might do something similar.

Cassandra was also beginning to grow worried. She was especially worried for Rufus's wellbeing.

It was a surprise to everyone, however, when Charlie finally showed up on the fourth day.

He went directly to Rufus's company first without informing anyone. Winnie was the only one in the office at the time. She looked at the strange man pointedly, but kept her figure straight and remained courteous, meeting with Charlie's glare.

"May I help you?"

Charlie didn't answer her. He simply sat on the couch and glared at her. Winnie was starting to become uncomfortable with his presence, but she waited for Rufus.

When he came in the office and saw Charlie sitting there, Rufus was shocked. He wondered aloud, "Where have you been? You finally show up. I've been looking for you, but I couldn't figure out where you were..."

"Tell that bitch to get out of my sight," Charlie spat, interrupting Rufus. Rufus and Winnie's eyes grew wide at his sudden vulgarity.

Charlie had enough. He despised every woman that could have been Amanda's age now. It was unfair that all of them lived while his only daughter was lying six feet underground.

Rufus immediately noticed the tension in the air and complied. He glanced over to Winnie to signal her to leave.

Charlie hadn't been stable since he lost Amanda. Rufus wasn't surprised to see his irrational behavior anymore.

Winnie immediately scurried to the door and left the room, face pale with anxiousn

harmed this time."

Rufus bit back, eyes narrowing at the older man. "Cassandra is the most important person to me. She is my life. I will not let you hurt her."

Charlie stood up and stared Rufus down. "Amanda was my life too. But she's gone. The two of you took her away from me. So I'll destroy the both of you!"

Charlie warned, leaving the office without another word.

As he stared at Charlie's receding figure, Rufus couldn't help but feel worried.

He knew how merciless and cruel Charlie could be. Moreover, Charlie was a very crafty and sophisticated man. Even Rufus himself wouldn't be able to guess what he was up to.

Since they became sworn enemy, he felt worried now. Not at himself. He could care less about what harm Charlie could do to him.

He was more worried about Cassandra's safety, especially in her delicate state as she was pregnant now. If anything happened to her, it could risk her life fairly easily.

Rufus paced around his office as he began to plan for his wife's safety. He immediately hired a guard detail to protect Cassandra at all times.

He knew he could count on his guard details, as they would be able to protect Cassandra whenever he wouldn't be able to do so himself.

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