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   Chapter 734 Protect Cassandra (Part One)

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Charlie didn't speak anymore. Amanda's death had taken all of his energy and strength away. Now, he couldn't deny his exhaustion any longer.

Amanda's death had become his own version of hell.

The next day, Cassandra called and asked Rufus what had happened the day before. Rufus hesitated, but decided to tell her the truth anyway. Cassandra deserved to know.

"Rufus, I want to see her. Let me see her for the last time," Cassandra croaked as she felt her throat dry out. Cassandra was, at one point in time, Amanda's friend after all. It was only right to mourn her.

Rufus sighed tiredly, stealing a glance at Charlie who was still in deep grief. He cleared his throat and whispered to the phone, "No. It'll only cause more trouble. Just stay at home."

Cassandra pursed her lips. "But..."

"Cassandra," Rufus interrupted. His voice was stern, halting Cassandra almost immediately. "Charlie doesn't want to see you. You know how he feels about you."

Cassandra bit her lower lips in silence. She knew that Rufus made a clear point. Charlie had hoped that Rufus and his daughter would end up together. However, Rufus married her instead. She also knew how heartbroken it left Amanda when she found out. Rufus was right, but it still didn't sit well that she wouldn't be able to see her for the last time.

"Okay," Cassandra began, closing her eyes as she pinched the bridge of her nose. "I won't go then. Just promise me to take care of yourself."

"I will," Rufus said succinctly.

Cassandra sighed after they ended the call. She could feel the weight of the world on her shoulders and she didn't know what to do about it.

She had never thought that things would ever turn out this way.

She recalled the day when Amanda had begged her to stay away from Rufus. If she had listened then, even if she had just lied and agreed to her request, would Amanda still be alive?

Cassandra s

e had made it through the end of the letter. It had long been crumpled in his hand, while the photos of Cassandra and Rufus by the gate of the hospital scattered all over his desk and floor.

The old man gritted his teeth. "I'll never let you go," he began, slowly composing himself before standing up. "I swear to God I'll make the both of you pay!"

The morning after, Rufus went to visit Charlie. When he got in, however, he was told that Charlie had just left.

Rufus frowned when he heard this. He wasn't expecting Charlie to be up so early.

He then went to visit Amanda's grave which he had bought earlier to see if he could happen to see Charlie. However, Charlie wasn't there either.

Rufus was surprised when Charlie wouldn't pick up his calls as well.

He was avoiding him, but Rufus had no idea why. Charlie would never disappear without informing him. Rufus had also gone extra lengths to help with Amanda's funeral.

Charlie wasn't someone that would just disappear without a moment's notice.

In the end, Rufus decided to return home. He couldn't find Charlie anywhere. Cassandra was surprised when Rufus came back so early, but when she asked him what had happened, Rufus was just as confused. They didn't know where Charlie might have gone.

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