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   Chapter 733 The Death of Amanda (Part Two)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 6136

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Immediately, his mind turned blank.

'Amanda didn't even wake up yet. How could she be dead?' Rufus wondered.

When Charlie saw his daughter's face, a scream dragged up his throat, but it emerged as a groan. He could no longer restrain his emotions. Hysterically, he roared, "You quacks! Why couldn't you save my daughter? Why? Give me back my daughter! Otherwise I will burn the entire hospital along with my daughter!"

In a calm and collected manner, Rufus stopped him from pulling out a gun from his pocket by pressing on his hand. In a low and deep voice, he reminded Charlie, "Amanda is still here. Don't do this in front of her!"

As expected, Charlie became calmer when he heard Amanda's name.

Rufus continued, "Don't make a fuss here. Are you going to lose your sanity before Amanda can even rest in peace? If you fall apart now, who will arrange everything for her?"

Charlie let out an exasperated sigh, tempering his impulse to wreak havoc. His teardrops kept streaming down his face. At the moment, the seemingly capable and tough man was nobody but a heartbroken father who had just lost his beloved daughter.

Rufus stayed at the hospital for the entire afternoon. Gradually, he learned what had happened today.

In the morning, Amanda had woken up from her comatose state. In fact, she looked quite calm and serene.

She told Charlie that she wanted to have an apple. She asked him to peel the apple without breaking its peel halfway.

As a father who loved his daughter dearly, Charlie did as his daughter had asked him to do.

He didn't expect that the knife he had used to peel an apple for his daughter would turn into the very object that ended her life.

Amanda asked him to go and buy her some food from her favorite restaurant. After he left, she used the same knife to cut her own wrist and

thing important came up and I wouldn't be able to go back home tonight. Listen to me, honey. Please, go to sleep," he said in a soft voice.

Taken by confusion, Cassandra asked, "What's going on with you? What happened?"

Reluctant to tell her the truth, Rufus shifted the topic of conversation. "You'd better go back to your mom's house for lunch tomorrow. I think you're losing weight again."

Cassandra shook her head, having seen through Rufus's weak attempt to change the topic of conversation.

However, she believed that Rufus must have had a good reason for not telling her the truth. Therefore, she didn't ask him any more questions. Instead, she simply said, "It's late indeed, so you should go to sleep too."

In a soft voice, Rufus said, "Okay. Don't forget to keep a blanket with you. It's quite cold. Good night."

Lying in bed, Cassandra said, "Good night."

Rufus didn't close his eyes the whole night. On the next day, Charlie noticed the apparent exhaustion on his face. In a low voice, he said, "Go home and get some rest. I can take care of everything here."

Shaking his head, Rufus said, "No, never mind. You can't deal with all the things on your own. Let me stay here and help you."

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