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   Chapter 732 The Death of Amanda (Part One)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 6167

Updated: 2019-11-07 01:26

"Rufus Luo, what the hell happened to Amanda?" Charlie asked angrily when he saw how miserable his daughter looked. Suffice it to say, his heart was broken.

Rufus pursed his lips into a straight line, unable to utter a single word.

Charlie said, "I know that Amanda still loves you, which is why I believe that what you do or say can have a great impact on her—positive or negative."

After taking a pause, he continued, "Now that she is ill, don't you feel pity for her? Please, I urge you to keep her company and speak to her as much as possible. Perhaps Amanda will wake up soon if she hears your voice."

Rufus responded to Charlie with silence. He couldn't turn down a desperate father who only wanted what was best for his daughter. However, in his opinion, if Amanda's current condition was due to her being displeased by him, then she would be more reluctant to wake up to the sound of his voice.

As expected, Amanda still didn't wake up even after he spoke to her repeatedly in a soft voice by the side of her bed.

Rufus failed to keep this news from Cassandra. As soon as she found out about Amanda's situation, Cassandra insisted on visiting her at the hospital.

Rufus, however, didn't want her to come. He was afraid that her presence would be met with hostility if Charlie saw her in the hospital because he had been prejudiced against Cassandra.

Nevertheless, he could not turn down Cassandra's request.

After mulling it over for a while, Rufus finally allowed Cassandra to come after Charlie went back home.

Deep down in her heart, Cassandra blamed herself. She felt like she should have let Amanda down in a gentler tone on their previous encounter.

Rufus looked at Cassandra and then at Amanda, who was lying in bed, showing no hopes of regaining consciousness. "Honey, she will be okay," he consoled

ck in the afternoon, Rufus received a phone call from Charlie.

Charlie only mentioned one thing over the phone, "Amanda has passed away."

Rufus's heart sank and the look of devastation and panic clouded his face. When he came back to his senses, he could only hear the busy tone on the phone. He quickly tried to call Charlie back but he couldn't get through to him.

Rufus left for the hospital in a hurry.

The scene at the ward was completely different from yesterday.

Charlie was standing in front of the sickbed. It seemed as though he had gotten ten years older in the blink of an eye. His eyes were red, as if fiery teardrops would spill over at any moment.

However, Rufus didn't see Amanda in the ward.

There was a body on the sickbed covered by a white bed sheet, leaving only her wrist visible, where there were some new cuts.

"What happened?" Rufus asked.

Charlie raised his head to look at Rufus. He said, "Rufus, they all told me that my Amanda has passed away. I don't believe them at all. I'm going to kill all of them for hiding my daughter from me."

Rufus walked to the sickbed and gently pulled the sheet. His hands trembled when he saw and his fingertips touched Amanda's pale face.

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