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   Chapter 731 Overdose (Part Two)

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In turn, Amanda shot her a hateful glance and said, "You aren't even important enough for that."

After those words, Winnie couldn't say anything at all—which wasn't what she had expected. She initially thought that Amanda would just suffer in silence, but it seemed that she could be aggressive when infuriated. While she waited for Amanda to unload at the gate, Winnie didn't dare say anything to further trigger the woman. She feared that the guards of the house would literally tear her apart if Amanda wished.

After she saw Amanda enter the house, she drove away with a grim look.

Meanwhile, Amanda's face darkened when she entered the foyer.

It just so happened that Charlie came out of his study. "What happened?" he asked in a caring tone when he saw his daughter. "I thought you had been back already...Why do you look so down?"

"I'm alright. I just feel listless." Amanda squeezed out a smile and said in a clipped tone.

Although Charlie was skeptical at her answer, Amanda already went into her own room. Charlie thought that it wasn't the best time to ask her further, so he decided to talk to the girl again after she had enough rest.

Back in her own room, Amanda filled herself a glass of water and went to her medicine cabinet. She grabbed a bottle of pills for her condition, which the doctor advised for her to take only one pill per dosage.

This time, however, she finished the entire bottle in one sitting.

Then she lay on her bed, snuggled under her blankets, and fell asleep.

It wasn't until evening that Charlie sensed that something was amiss and quickly went to his daughter's room. He knocked on the door multiple times, but no one answered.

When the sense of foreboding became too much, Charlie broke down the door and forced his way in. He saw Amanda

harshly, like he was deeply bothered.

"Is it my problem?" he murmured. He thought about it once again.

But even if he could travel back in time, he wouldn't have chosen Amanda.

It was absolutely ridiculous to choose Amanda over Cassandra.

'But it's no use thinking of this right now. I should pay her a visit, ' he decided.

On the other hand, Charlie was still infuriated. He demanded a proper explanation from Rufus.

'Amanda was already getting better every day, but why did she suddenly resort to such a thing after meeting Rufus?' he thought.

For Rufus, he thought that there was no way he'd tell Charlie that it was because he rejected Amanda, so he only told him that Amanda didn't feel well. But even he himself didn't know why it would turn out like that.

The heart monitors beeped as Amanda slept soundly on the patient bed, her face so pale that it was almost transparent.

The doctor had told Charlie that Amanda should've regained consciousness by now. But maybe, she didn't want to wake up herself⁠—which was why she was still in a coma.

That was to say, she had been practicing hypnotherapy to herself so that she could avoid seeing someone or facing something.

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