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   Chapter 730 Overdose (Part One)

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The hurried tapping of polished dress shoes clicked continuously on the tiled floor. One particularly long set of legs was in a haste, in an attempt to not be late. "Okay then, drive me to the company," Rufus flatly said.

Amanda nodded and grabbed her driver's license, then followed Rufus.

While on the way, Amanda tried to strike a conversation with Rufus. "Rufus, have you been busy recently?" she asked.

Rufus just nodded. He had actually planned to take Cassandra out for a trip. Thus, he had to speed up his work so he would have the time.

Soon enough, the car stopped to a halt. Rufus asked Amanda to go home when they had arrived at the company building.

"I...I feel a bit dizzy. Can I rest in your office for a while?" Amanda said as she bit her bottom lip.

Rufus instantly frowned. "You should go to the doctor instead. Resting won't help."

"I know my body. I would feel better even with just a bit of rest," Amanda said and tried to force a smile.

After a while, Rufus consented, "Okay. Follow me to my office first."

Amanda happily complied. This was the first step to her plan. In reality, she felt fine, but she feared that she wouldn't get a chance to see Rufus for days again if she went back home this instant.

Therefore, she faked an excuse so she could spend more time with Rufus.

They arrived in front of a heavy oak door. When they stepped inside, Amanda noticed a beautiful woman in the room.

The beautiful woman was Rufus's assistant. The very reason that woman caught Amanda's attention was because she felt her aversion towards her.

Rufus motioned for Amanda to sit down on one of the guest couches. "Amanda, if you still feel unwell, I'll ask my assistant to take you to the hospital," Rufus suggested.

Amanda quickly shook h

" did you know? Did Cassandra tell you that?" she asked reflexively.

Any sane person could clearly see that Rufus's coldness towards Amanda; it was a sign that she wasn't his cup of tea.

Now that Amanda had revealed that Cassandra knew it as well, it could even be said that Rufus had no feelings for her at all.

"I am just curious. Even in such a situation, you still haven't given up." Now, Winnie didn't say anything to disprove her thought to intentionally make Amanda believe that she'd gotten the information from Cassandra.

Amanda was a woman who had always been flattered and befriended by everyone, so she wasn't really skilled at verbally guarding herself.

Winnie's mockery drove her mad, but she didn't know what to say to fight back.

"Miss Ke, you can't argue back on that one, can you?" Winnie glanced at Amanda through the rearview mirror, and was delighted to see that the woman was speechless.

Coldness filled Amanda's eyes. How badly she wanted to step on this woman!

After a few more minutes, they reached Amanda's home. "Miss Ke, if you don't like me, you can ask someone to mess with me. You have a powerful family, right?" Winnie provoked.

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