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   Chapter 729 Can't Let Him Go

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Rufus dropped by Amanda's place only a few times in the past week. Now that Amanda was getting better, Rufus decided to focus more on his business and family.

Amanda felt depressed after Rufus rejected her love confession. However, since she didn't overreact, Rufus did not pay any attention to the matter.

The only thing Rufus was concerned about was her stability.

He didn't care much about her desire to be with him.

Because deep down in his heart, he knew he could never fall in love with anyone other than Cassandra.

" you want to come here and have lunch with me later?" Amanda asked, praying for a positive response from the other end of the line.

Rufus rejected coldly, "I haven't had lunch with Cassandra for quite a long time. I want to go back home and have lunch with her today."

Amanda's heart ached upon hearing his words. She asked in a disappointing tone, "So, you won't be coming here today?"

"I'm afraid not," Rufus answered. "You father will be back soon. He can stay with you every day once he returns home."

Amanda hung up and sat by the table alone. She looked at the delicate food on the table, but her appetite was killed.

She remembered when Rufus used to eat with her before, even if she had the same food over and over again, she had felt like eating anyway.

All of a sudden, the negative emotions overwhelmed her. Amanda quickly went to get the medicines and swallowed them all at once, without drinking water.

Gradually, the panicking thoughts receded.

Amanda dropped limply on the floor, overwhelmed with sorrow and depression. All she could feel was a hope for death.

Rufus was like a drug to her. Once she got addicted to him, she could never get rid of him, no matter how hard she tried to stay away from him. He was carved in her heart, and stuck there forever.

However, no matter how deeply she fell in love with him, Rufus had already clarified that Cassandra was the only one he loved.

Suddenly, Amanda's eyes lit up. She murmured Cassandra's name several times, seeming to have made a decision nervously.

"Amanda is getting better bit by bit. I think you should stay with her for a little bit longer to make sure that she has recovered fully," Cassandra suggested to Rufus.

Rufus raised his eyebrows and smiled. "What? Don't you want me to stay with you?"

Cassandra was speechless. "That's not what I meant. I'm just worried about her."

Rufus raised his arm to rub her head. "Don't worry about it. I have it under control."

Even though Rufus assured her, Cassandra still decided to go to Amanda's house by herself in the evening.

Amanda was surprised to see her there.

"Cassandra, I was actually planning to talk to you," Amanda said in a gentle voice.

Cassandra was a bit shocked by her words. "Talk to me? About what?"

Amanda bit her lower lip. After hesitating for some time, she suddenly smiled. "Nothing. Come inside and have a seat first."

Cassandra entered the house as asked. She found that Amanda was behaving a bit weirdly. Even though the girl hadn't maltreated her whenever she was there, she had never treated her in this way either. She was overly enthusiastic, which was quite strange.

Cassandra could tell Amanda wanted to tell her something. However, Amanda seemed

d started to wander. He thought how great it would be if Rufus and Amanda could end up together.

However, the thought didn't last long.

He knew clearly Rufus wasn't someone who could be persuaded easily. And it was obvious that the man didn't have any feelings for Amanda. Even if he could have forced Rufus to be with Amanda, she would never be happy with him.

But Charlie saw the way Amanda looked at Rufus, and wondered if something had happened between them.

"Rufus, thank you so much for taking care of my daughter," Charlie said, truly thankful. "How's work? All going well?"

Rufus smiled. "It's fine."

Amanda didn't utter a single word during dinner. She just glanced at Rufus every now and then.

Charlie felt uncomfortable seeing Amanda acting so humbly. He started, "Anyway, thank you so much for helping, Rufus, again. Amanda, you should propose a toast to Rufus."

Rufus shook his hand and rejected, "No need. I drove here. I can't drink..."

Charlie insisted, "Just a little bit. I can drive you home myself."

Seeing Charlie insist, Rufus had no choice but to accept.

Even without drinking, Amanda's face turned red. She looked at Rufus, and said, "Thank you so much Rufus, for taking care of me. I don't know what would've happened to me if you hadn't been around."

Rufus lifted the corners of his mouth and smiled. "You're welcome. Just try and relax yourself from now on, and avoid anything that could depress you."

Amanda nodded her head. "Okay."

"Rufus, I feel so happy today. Come on, have one more shot with me," Charlie said and finished a whole glass of wine in one go.

Rufus wanted to stop Charlie, as he was supposed to drive him home later. Now both of them were intoxicated.

Without giving him the time to respond, Charlie had already finished the drink.

Helplessly, Rufus decided to ask a driver to drive him home later.

"Rufus, how about I'll drop you off?" Amanda suggested at the end of the dinner, as she could tell Charlie was too drunk to drive now.

Rufus looked at her and responded, "No, no. I mustn't bother you. I'm asking someone to come pick me up."

Amanda laughed. "Don't worry. I have a driver's license."

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