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   Chapter 727 Stop Knocking At The Door

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Rufus told Cassandra she could spend some time with Amanda, but he actually wasn't sure if it was a good idea.

"If you don't want to go, then it's okay," he added. "I mean, since you are pregnant, it's better you stay at home and rest."

Hearing Rufus suggesting the meeting and immediately refuting himself, she burst into a small giggle. "Alright. You don't have to worry about me. I feel sorry for Amanda. I'm sure she needs some company right now." Even after that, Rufus looked hesitant.

Cassandra held his arm. "I do wish that she could recover soon. Then you'll have more time to spend with me."

It was rare for Rufus to hear from Cassandra that she wanted to spend more time with him. Immersed in sudden joy, Rufus didn't say anything to argue back.

"Cassandra, do you feel like I haven't taken good care of for the past few days?" Rufus asked jokingly.

Cassandra turned her head away. "I didn't say that."

Scooping Cassandra into his arms, Rufus said tenderly, "Sweetie, I've been missing you a lot these days too."

He knew that he had been too involved in the company's and Amanda's matter, so much so that he'd been a bit negligent of Cassandra due to the lack of time.

When the thought struck his head, he couldn't help but feel guilty.

Cassandra snuggled into his chest, a smile full of love plastered on her face.

The second day, Rufus brought Cassandra to Amanda's house.

The two women chatted with each other. Assured that everything would be fine, Rufus told them he'd be back before noon and left.

"Do you want to go for a walk in the yard? The weather is really nice today," Cassandra suggested, beaming at Amanda.

Amanda was reluctant. There was nothing she wanted to do while Rufus was away, even if it was just a walk in the yard. Nothing stimulated her interest.

"We can sit on the grass and bathe in the sun, have some fruits. Imagine eating a peach with our eyes closed and the scent of fresh air and grass around us!" As she painted the picture, Cassandra even closed her eyes, trying to feel what she had just described.

Biting her lips, Amanda finally nodded. "Okay. By the way, I like oranges."

Winking an eye, Cassandra replied, "Me too! But my favorite fruits are apples."

A moment later they took a basket of fruits and a few cups of yogurt to the yard. Cassandra laid a bed sheet on the grass and they both lay down on it.

"The weather really is great! The sunshine is so comfortable!" Smiling, Cassandra rubbed her eyes. "Don't look at the sun directly, or you'll hurt your eyes."

Amanda nodded and said in a rather serious tone, "Let me peel the fruits."

Since her first attempt to cut herself was discovered by her father, he had hidden all the knives and anything that could hurt her in the house. It was very rare for Amanda to come in contact with any sharp object in such circumstances.

When she finally saw a knife again, an inexplicable thirst surged from the bottom of her heart. She imagined feeling the knife on her skin, the blood gushing out a

Rufus Luo." One thing that she was most keen about now was hearing the bedtime stories that Rufus told her before she went to sleep.

In the tranquil night, Rufus's voice was soothing and indulging.

He was always occupied with his work during the day. Despite his work load, he managed to find some time to read some bizarre stories and he would tell Cassandra a different one every night.

More often than not, Cassandra would be sound asleep even before Rufus finished telling the story.

He was well aware that Cassandra had already fallen asleep, but he would still continue the story till the end. Perhaps, this was part of his little OCD.

The next morning, when she woke up, Cassandra wouldn't let Rufus go before making him tell her the remaining story. He had to repeat the ending so that Cassandra would feel satisfied.

Against Cassandra's stubbornness, he was helpless.

"Cassandra, you said you would stay docile." Rufus gently tapped her nose. "You're such a naughty woman!"

Early in the morning, Cassandra's eyes hadn't gained back their focus, making her look clumsily cute.

"I am docile." Cassandra still sounded like she was sleeping. "But you didn't finish your story. I want to know what happens next."

Rufus had all the patience in the world for her. He was willing to repeat the story for as many times for her as she wished.

"Today, you're going to stay at home. Be a nice girl." Rufus reminded her, "Don't go anywhere. Alright?"

Cassandra nodded. "All right. I get it."

Rufus had initially planned to head to the office right away, but when he thought of Amanda's condition, he turned the steering wheel and drove to Amanda's house.

The previous night, after Rufus watched Amanda fall asleep, she was handed over to a psychologist.

When Rufus arrived, the door was shut, as he had expected.

Yet again, Amanda had locked herself in her room. This time, Rufus could tell from her voice that she was still rational.

"Rufus, stop knocking at the door. I won't open it."

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