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   Chapter 726 A Delicate Girl (Part Two)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 7250

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Watching as Amanda walked away, the lady who had looked so scared out of her wits felt a sense of relief.

When he noticed that Amanda had been gone for some time and still hadn't come back, Rufus began to feel a bit worried. He glanced over at Winnie who was working just beside him and asked, "Winnie, go look for Amanda."

Nodding her head, Winnie stepped out of the office straight away. After looking for the woman all over the building, Winnie eventually found Amanda inside the restroom. What was more, Amanda's clothes were wet.

The second Rufus saw the state Amanda was in, the expression on his face quickly became sullen.

"What happened?" Rufus flatly asked her. "Who did this to you?"

Amanda simply beamed him a smile, acting as though she wasn't really bothered much by it. "It was just an accident. Rufus, could you please take me home? Look at my clothes. They're all wet. I really need to get changed."

Right away, Rufus sprung up from his seat. He didn't believe Amanda's answer, but at the moment, his top priority should be to send her home to get some dry change of clothes. Otherwise, she might end up catching a cold with her clothes all wet like that.

"Alright, we'll leave immediately," Rufus told her.

As she listened to their conversation, Winnie didn't say anything much. She simply assumed that Amanda would be much too afraid to bother coming back to the company tomorrow, considering how badly she had just gotten bullied moments ago.

"Amanda, don't be scared. You can just tell me who's the one that did this to you. Your father personally asked me to look after you before he left."

Putting on a smile, Amanda reassured him, "You don't have to get so worked up, Rufus. No one's being mean to me."

Rufus couldn't stop himself from feeling so helpless given the way that Amanda persistently tried to keep the truth from him. After a period of silence, he opened his mouth and said, "How about you just stay at home for tomorrow? There're still a lot of things I have to deal with in the office, so I won't have time to look after you."

Upon hearing his suggestion, Amanda didn't bother trying to argue with him

arry replied, "I'm not in such a hurry to look for a girlfriend at the moment. If you're really worried about me, then I wouldn't mind having you as my girlfriend."

Cassandra gazed at him, feeling so helpless. "Stop talking nonsense. Otherwise, I'm not going to talk to you anymore."

Harry simply laughed it off. "Alright. No more of that bullshit. We should eat now. I'll drive you back home after dinner."

Cassandra was actually a bit reluctant. It was like she didn't really want Harry to drive her home later, worrying that if Rufus were to see that Harry was the one who brought her home, then he might end up getting mad at her again.

Be that as it might, she didn't know how to properly turn him down. After pondering about it for a while, she bit her lip and made up her mind to say no this time. "You don't have to send me back home. You can go ahead and deal with your own personal matters. Besides, I still have some things to do after dinner. And I can go home on my own just fine."

Just one look was all it took and Harry could tell that she was lying. Harry knew that whenever Cassandra was lying, she'd always play around with her fingers unconsciously.

Still, he didn't expose her lie. Instead, he simply answered, "Okay."

At the end of the day, Cassandra hailed a taxi ride back home. When she got back, she saw Rufus wasn't there yet. So, she thought that he might still be staying with Amanda in her house.

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