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   Chapter 724 It Was Complicated (Part Two)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 6129

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At first, Rufus was quite hesitant. After a while, he made a call to the fixed-line telephone in the Ke Family house. He told the servant who picked up the phone to keep close watch on Amanda and tell him immediately in case they sensed anything wrong.

Rufus drove Cassandra back home, then he went straight to the company.

In the company, Winnie felt it became more difficult for her to approach Rufus.

She had been able to chat casually, and even crack a joke, with him before. However, now she couldn't find any chance to talk with him unless it was about work.

But as of now, Winnie had noticed that once Rufus was on his break time or free from work, he was always on a phone call. She could even hear that he asked sweet questions to the one he talked to and asked how that person's day went by.

Winnie could not help but feel curious about the person Rufus was talking to. She could hear that Rufus seemed so careful and considerate.

She had no idea, but she was sure that it was not Cassandra.

She heard a soft voice of a female from his cellphone once she was near Rufus when he made such a phone call.

Also in a very soft voice, Rufus told the person on the other end of the line that he would go back very soon to have lunch together with her.

Winnie had mixed emotions. She didn't know whether she should feel happy or sad for herself.

She was happy that Rufus no longer cared about only Cassandra, but she was also sad that another woman but herself seemed to occupy his mind.

She didn't know why Rufus didn't favor her. 'Am I not beautiful enough? Don't I perform well enough?' she asked herself in her thoughts.

Suddenly, Rufus called her name while she was lost in her thoughts.

She raised her head and got happy as she was called by Rufus. But then he said, "I'm leaving the company

saw that Rufus was with the two women. She even forgot to make tea for them.

Rufus looked at Cassandra. He wanted to explain. However, before he opened his mouth, Cassandra said, "I've put the file you left at home on your desk." After saying that, Cassandra stood up. "It's time for me to go back home."

Rufus wanted to persuade her to stay, but he couldn't find a reason.

When Cassandra was about to walk out of the office, he found a reason and said, "Cassandra, would you please stay? I need to work and I can't pay attention to Amanda."

It seemed to be a good reason. In the end, Cassandra couldn't find a reason to refuse his request. She stayed in the office.

On the other hand, Winnie's eyes had been fixed on the woman who was sitting on the sofa as if there was nobody else in the room.

She could see that the woman was quite pretty. When she heard Amanda's voice for the first time, she already recognized that she was the woman who frequently talked with Rufus on the phone.

Winnie gradually turned her eyes to Cassandra. She thought that maybe, Cassandra was nothing but someone who just passed by in Rufus's heart. She thought that perhaps Amanda was the one who had his heart all along.

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