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   Chapter 723 It Was Complicated (Part One)

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Rufus was surprised when he saw that Cassandra was still awake.

"Is there something wrong, Cassandra? Can't fall asleep?" he asked in a concerned voice.

Cassandra quickly responded with a faint smile. She could not tell him frankly that she was just waiting for him to come back. Thus she answered, "Yeah. I just couldn't fall asleep."

Rufus gave her a kiss on the cheek and said, "Please wait for me. I will tell you a story and make you fall asleep. Okay?"

Cassandra nodded and began waiting for him on the bed inside the quilt.

Rufus changed his clothes and cleaned himself in the bathroom. He quickly went back to the bedroom and found that Cassandra was sitting on the bed. Her eyes were wide open as she was in quite high spirits.

"Cassandra, you're still wide awake. Aren't you sleepy yet?" Rufus asked curiously.

Cassandra was blinking her eyes. She looked innocent but disturbed. "I've lost my sleep," she said.

Rufus walked towards her and sat at the side of the bed. He gently stroke her hair and said in a soft voice, "Let me put you to sleep."

Cassandra nodded and smiled. Then she slowly lay down on the bed and waited for Rufus's bedtime story.

Rufus quickly joined her and held her hands. He gave her sweet kisses on the forehead and whispered, "What story would you like to listen to? After my story, you should try to sleep. Okay?"

Cassandra thought for a while, but still she couldn't tell what story she would like to listen to.

Rufus realized that Cassandra seemed to have no idea, so he smiled and said, "Alright. Let me choose a story."

Cassandra insisted, "I want to hear a story that sounds warm and happy."

Rufus asked, "A fairy tale?"

Cassandra begged to disagree, "No. I'm not a child!"

Rufus stroke her hair gently and said, "Okay. I'll tell you a myth instead."

After a short while, he began to tell a warm myth without any twist and turn. Delicate feelings were all over his s

ery well, Rufus sighed with relief. He was happy to find that Amanda seemed to become mentally stable.

"It's time for lunch," he said.

A harmonious lunch happened among the three of them. After Rufus and Cassandra left, Amanda went back to her room. Standing in front of the window silently, she seemed to be thinking something so deep.

There was a moment that she had a strong impulse to jump from the window.

Fortunately, Rufus's face appeared in her mind. She shook her head and finally refrained from such an impulse.

"Cassandra," Rufus called his wife as he was turning his head to look. He said, "What are your thoughts about Amanda? You seemed to have talked with her for quite a while."

Cassandra looked at him and answered frankly, "Rufus, let me tell you what I think. She was just pretending in front of me. Without a doubt, she just pretended to be calm."

Rufus was quite surprised to hear such an answer. "Why didn't I discover that?" he asked.

Cassandra took a look at Rufus and smiled. "Maybe I'm more sensitive than you are," she said.

Rufus frowned and said, "But if that's the real thing, do you think something bad might happen to her?"

Cassandra shook her head and said, "I'm not sure about it. If you are worried, you can go back and check on her."

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