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   Chapter 722 I Will Wait For You To Return Home (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-11-05 00:27

Hearing Amanda groan with pain, Rufus knocked at the door even harder. "Amanda, what happened? Please open the door right now."

Suddenly, he heard Amanda's voice. It sounded like she was in a sorrowful mood. "Rufus, Rufus, Rufus."

Amanda kept calling Rufus's name and all of a sudden, she opened the door.

When he saw her tear-soaked face, he was about to say something. However, Amanda cut him short with a blunt question, "Rufus, do you hate me?"

Rufus was taken aback. When Amanda asked that question out loud, her eyes were red and her face was pale. She was dreading Rufus's answer, partially convinced that it wouldn't be in her favor.

"Amanda," Rufus said gently. "Look at my eyes."

Amanda didn't understand what Rufus was trying to say, but she looked into his eyes anyway.

After a while, Rufus asked in a calm tone, "So, do you know my answer now?"

Amanda covered her mouth and kept nodding her head.

Yes, she could see his answer in his eyes.

Rufus didn't hate her.

"I, I thought you hated me," Amanda muttered, muffled sobs wracking against her chest.

She knew she wasn't at her best right now. Her negative thoughts led her to believe that everyone abandoned her because they all hated her.

Rufus didn't really know much about major depressive disorder, but he knew that her depression, if not handled with care, could drive her commit suicide.

Taking that into consideration, Rufus couldn't risk doing anything that could lead her to go into hysterics.

"Amanda, I'm here to have lunch with you. I'll be coming to see you more often from now on. Is that okay?" Rufus spoke gently.

Amanda looked at him with surprise, unable to believe what he had just said. "Are you being serious? Will you really come to see me more often?"

Rufus nodded his head to assure her.

able. I believe she will be fine. Besides, I will drop by to make sure that she is doing okay after work."

Cassandra nodded at him as a response. But she suddenly asked, "Will you come back at night?"

Rufus was surprised to hear that, but he responded with a nod. "Of course I will."

Cassandra smiled. "Okay. I will wait for you to return home."

One day, even though it was already very late, Amanda refused to fall asleep. Rufus looked at her helplessly, having run out of patience.

"Amanda, listen to me. You need to go to sleep now," Rufus persuaded slowly.

Amanda clung to his arms tightly. "Will I see you again when I wake up tomorrow?"

Rufus replied, "Have you already forgotten? I still need to go to work. But I will come back here to stay with you afterwards. Is that okay?"

Staring at him with big, round eyes, Amanda finally let go of his arms slowly. "Okay. You promised that you would come back tomorrow. Don't lie to me."

Rufus nodded his head. "Yes, I promise. I won't break my promise."

After tucking Amanda in, Rufus drove all the way back to his house in a hurry.

As he sped up and drove to his house, he assumed that Cassandra might have already fallen asleep.

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