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   Chapter 721 I Will Wait For You To Return Home (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-11-05 00:13

When Yazid finally got there, Hans was already sound asleep.

Meanwhile, Rufus stood there pinching the bridge of his nose and shaking his head in disapproval. When he saw Yazid coming over, he couldn't wait to be rid of Hans.

"Now that you are here, I can finally leave," Rufus said to Yazid.

Glancing at the long scratch on Rufus's car, Yazid said to him in a cold tone, "I'll take care of the repair costs for you."

Rufus laughed off his words as a joke. "No, thanks. I can take care of it myself."

Yazid was just trying to be polite, but when he saw Rufus contemptuously refuse his help, he said, "All right then. You are free to leave now. Thank you very much for taking care of Hans today."

Rufus got inside his car and shut the door, finally putting the key in the ignition. Just before he was about to leave, he took one last look at them. He noticed the expressions of intimacy between them and smiled before driving off.

By the time Rufus got back to his house, Cassandra had already fallen asleep without waiting for him.

After a quick shower, Rufus jumped into bed and embraced Cassandra in his loving arms.

The moment she felt the touch of Rufus's hands on her, Cassandra instantly woke up from her sleep. She fluttered her eyes open abruptly and said in a sleepy tone, "Did you just come back now?"

Rufus kissed her on the cheek. "Yes. I had things to deal with a while ago. Let's get back to sleep now."

Rufus was planning on telling her about Amanda, but he changed his mind when he realized that it was too late in the night for such a conversation. He was afraid that Cassandra wouldn't be able to get back to sleep once he told her about Amanda.

Cassandra remembered Rufus telling her that he had some important matters to deal with today and that he would tell

ed that it had been a few days since she saw her mother. Assuming Rufus wouldn't be back home for lunch, she decided to go to her mother's house and have lunch with her.

Just as Cassandra had guessed, Rufus indeed didn't have time to go back home during lunch break. As soon as he finished his business work, he went straight to Amanda's house.

Charlie looked at Rufus, his eyelids drooping in exhaustion. "She slept better last night, since you came to visit her. But this morning when she woke up, she cried and kept screaming your name. I told her that I was going to call you, but she stopped me immediately, afraid that it would annoy you."

Rufus frowned upon hearing this. "Where is Amanda right now?"

Pointing to the stairs, Charlie answered, "She's upstairs. She locked herself in her room. I have been trying to talk to her since morning, but she wouldn't respond to me even once."

Rufus shook his head and the frown on his face deepened, before he walked up the stairs towards Amanda's room.

"Amanda, it's me," Rufus knocked at the door. "Please, open the door for me."

When she heard Rufus's voice, Amanda fell off the bed with a loud thud as she scrambled to open the door.

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