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   Chapter 720 Amanda (Part Two)

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It seemed that Charlie now viewed Rufus as a life-saving straw for Amanda. After a servant took Amanda back to her room to have a rest, the two men had a talk.

"Amanda got depression. I don't know the reason," Charlie said in a quivering voice, covering his face with both hands in regret. "When I found out that something was wrong with her, it was already too late.

I have seen quite a few knife wounds on her arms." While he was continuing his story, Charlie closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "There was once when I was in the company, Amanda turned on the natural gas. Fortunately, I felt restless and came back home earlier than usual that day. Otherwise, maybe something terrible would have happened."

Rufus kept on listening to Charlie. After a while, he gently asked, "Have you taken her to the hospital?"

Charlie smiled bitterly and answered, "Yes...But she rejected being in hospital very much. She kicked everything up as soon as we arrived there. When she finally calmed down, she hurt herself even more while nobody was with her."

"How about psychiatrists?" Rufus asked again, frowning. "Why don't we look for a psychiatrist to treat her?"

Charlie shook his head and answered, "I've already tried that, but that didn't work either. I have also tried many other methods, but all of them failed. In the end, I could do nothing but lock her at home and have somebody keep watch on her all the time."

Charlie was speaking when an expression of relief appeared in his eyes. "I was surprised when she mumbled your name last night at sleep. That was why I asked you to come and see me. I ran out of options, Rufus."

After being silent for a while, Rufus said, "If you want me to do something, please tell me frankly. I will try my best to help."

Charlie took a deep sigh and said, "You're my only hope, Rufus. I hope you c

nd of the phone. It seemed that the person was surprised to hear Rufus's voice and didn't realize who he was.

"What? Where is Hans Zhang?" Yazid asked finally. "Please give the cellphone to him."

Rufus smiled and said, "Hans is out of his consciousness because he drank too much." He thought of making fun of the two and continued, "If you don't come here soon, I will take him with me."

He didn't wait for response from the other end and just hung up the phone as soon as he finished talking.

Yazid felt angry when he heard the buzz from the phone.

"I'm sorry. There is an emergency and I need to leave now. Please excuse me," he gently said to other people inside the private room.

He was having dinner with several directors and producers. They were all well-known in the industry. He was the host of this gathering, but he needed to leave now.

Yazid saw that some people abruptly changed the expressions on their faces. He could do nothing but to force a smile and leave.

He was fully aware that when he left, he would no longer be part of the film that they had been talking about during the time.

But he had no other choice. He thought of Hans, who drove after he had gotten drunk. He had to go for him.

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