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   Chapter 719 Amanda (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-11-04 19:50

Rufus was in the company. A frown was seen all over his face while he was browsing some files. He hadn't found any dirty tricks yet, but by his instincts, he felt that there was something wrong with the recent operation of the company.

He was thinking for quite a while but still couldn't figure the reason out. In the end, he could do nothing but to temporarily put the problem aside for the moment.

Cassandra just came back home after the conflict they had. Their relationship was roughly recovered, and Rufus thought that he should seize the opportunity and try his best to catch up with her and save their relationship first.

'How about having a romantic candlelight dinner tonight? Or should I bring home a bunch of beautiful roses for her?' he wondered.

All of a sudden, even before he made a decision, his train of thought was disturbed by an unexpected phone call.

He became surprised when he saw the name displayed on the screen of his cellphone. He didn't immediately realize what was going on.

'Why does Charlie Ke have to call me?' he wondered.

When he thought back, he found that they had lost contact with each other for quite a long time.

Nevertheless, Charlie had once helped him, and he still felt grateful to him because of that.

"Hello," Rufus answered in a moderate voice while he was thinking about the reason why Charlie was calling him.

Charlie's voice sounded quite tired when he said on the phone, "I am begging you, Rufus. Please come to my house and see me now. It's about Amanda. I can't do anything more."

Rufus was shocked after he heard what the call was all about. "Why? What happened to Amanda?" he sincerely asked.

"Please come here, Rufus. I promise you'll know what has happened as soon as you arrive here," Charlie quickly said as he was thinking that he could not make it clear on the phone.

Without the least hesitation, Rufus stood up and walked toward the exit of the office. Winnie saw him leaving the office and quickly asked, "Mr. Luo, will you be able to come here tomor

a little, until she no longer looked like a pale, dead-looking person.

It was not until quite a while later that she opened her mouth and mumbled, "Rufus."

Rufus tried to pacify her and calmly said, "Yes, Amanda, it's me. Would you please open your hands? Let me take you downstairs and get something to eat."

The girl still looked like she hadn't completely come back to her senses yet, but she nodded to him and slowly released her grip on the ceramic fragment. Charlie quickly ran to her and treated her bleeding wound.

Rufus observed that Charlie seemed to be quite used to treatment of the wound. As his heart tightened, he asked, "Mr. Ke, please tell me the truth. Does she often act this way?"

Charlie froze slightly at Rufus's question. After a while, he nodded slowly as an answer.

Rufus seemed to understand why Charlie could no longer keep his self-control.

With Rufus by her side, Amanda was behaving much better than usual. It was obvious based on Charlie's face. He looked so relieved and grateful.

Rufus took care of Amanda while they were having dinner in the dining room. He looked at her from head to toe. Amanda had once been a beautiful and elegant girl before, but she had totally changed by now. Her eyes looked lifeless, but when she saw him, her eyes sparkled. Rufus felt uncomfortable and sorry while he realized that.

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