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   Chapter 718 Movement (Part Two)

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Sticking her tongue out, Cassandra said, "Don't go too far ahead. I like this place, but it doesn't mean that I will stay here every day. I would be bored out of my mind."

Rufus immediately cast aside his thoughts of buying the place.

After she had her fill, Cassandra felt as though the poor mental state she had been in for many days had finally disappeared. She was no longer depressed.

When he also noticed the positive change in Cassandra's disposition, Rufus felt happy for her. He secretly made up his mind about bringing her here again.

On the way back, when Rufus said that he needed to drop by the company to check on its operation, Cassandra decided to pass the time at a shopping mall.

Much to her surprise, she ran into an old acquaintance she had not seen for a long time at the mall—

Lionel Tang. He was accompanied by a beautiful young woman in his arm. They were looking at jewelries together.

Cassandra had planned to pass him by silently, as if she hadn't seen him. However, Lionel caught sight of her too. Then he walked towards her.

"Hi, Lionel, long time no see," Cassandra greeted him.

With eyes wide open, Lionel said, "Long time no see, Cassandra!"

As soon as the young woman saw Lionel's eyes, her instincts told her that something wasn't right.

"Lionel, who is she?" The young woman looked pure with a smile on her face.

However, Lionel didn't bother to introduce Cassandra to her. After all, Cassandra was somebody he loved secretly in his heart, while the young woman at his side was just another flavor of the week for him, one he could easily abandon at any time.

"Cassandra, would you like to have a cup of coffee with me?" Lionel invited Cassandra while completely ignoring his companion.

Having seen the resentment in the eyes of the young woman, Cassandra felt embarrassed. Hastily, she refused Lionel, "No, thanks. Please carry on with your business. I have other matters to tend to."

"Lionel, you said you would accompany me to buy clothes," the young woman reminded Lionel in a hurry.


necklace out of the counter and said to Cassandra politely, "Miss, you really have excellent taste. This necklace is one of our newest arrivals. It feels good to have it around the neck. You should try it out."

As she observed the necklace in her hand carefully, Cassandra realized that she liked it even more. Finally, with a smile, she said, "Okay. Please pack it up for me."

The saleswoman put the necklace into a box and wrapped the box delicately. Then she handed the box to Cassandra in a dainty paper bag.

After paying for the necklace, Cassandra also bought some toys she thought Greyson would like. In the end, she walked out of the shopping mall with quite a few bags hanging from both hands.

Shortly after that, she found an express company to deliver all of what she had just bought to Melbourne.

'Greyson will be so happy when he receives these gifts, ' Cassandra thought. When the thought of Greyson smiling with two dimples on his cheeks came to her mind, she felt happy from the bottom of her heart.

Stroking her own belly gently, she mumbled in a soft voice, "My dear baby, I hope you come out safe and sound. I can't wait for you to meet and play with Brother Greyson."

Cassandra didn't know whether it was her imagination or not, but she felt a sudden movement inside her belly. This was the first time she had felt the baby move inside her.

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