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   Chapter 717 Movement (Part One)

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By now, both Rufus and Cassandra were tired and hungry. Finding a delicate box of chocolates by her side, Cassandra picked it up and opened it.

"Wow, liqueur chocolates," she shouted in pure joy after opening the box. "I wonder what kind of liqueur is inside these chocolates."

Raising both eyebrows, Rufus declared, "You can only eat the chocolates but not the alcohol inside them."

Cassandra curled her lips and said, "That sounds troublesome. I would rather not have any at all!"

However, as soon as the words were out of her mouth, her stomach began growling.

Blushing a deeper shade of red, a look of vexation appeared on her face.

Amused, Rufus tried to keep himself from laughing. He picked up a liqueur chocolate and took a small bite out of it. After pouring the liquor into his mouth, he took the remaining part of the chocolate to Cassandra's mouth.

Instead of taking it, Cassandra turned her head and said, "You took a bite out of it already. Weren't you concerned that I would refuse to eat it because I dislike the taste of your saliva?"

Leaning in to her ear, Rufus answered with a delicate whisper, "I'm sure you've had a lot of my saliva by now. All of a sudden you dislike the taste of it?"

Finding it difficult to come up with a valid excuse, Cassandra could do nothing but put the piece of chocolate into her mouth and chew it down quickly.

Soon she got bored of eating chocolates. Nudging Rufus, she asked, "Is there anything else here we can eat?"

Rufus took one good look at her. When he found a trail of chocolate at one corner of her mouth, he licked it off with his tongue, which took Cassandra by great surprise. It was not until then that he answered, "Of course there is. Put on your clothes. I am taking you out to eat something special."

Cassandra finally snapped out of her awe when he said that. She fetched a towel to dry and clean herself in a hurry. She changed into a comfortable chiffon dress and anxiously waited for Rufus to take her to the food.

"I don't re

cked her sights on the meat that was slowly turning golden.

"How much longer will it take?" Cassandra was famished.

Chuckling at her antsy behavior, Rufus answered, "Just be patient. The meat will be done very soon." While speaking, he tore away a small part of the meat and put it into his mouth, in order to judge on how well it was cooked.

"It is almost done," Rufus declared.

Cassandra reached out to him with an empty plate. Rufus cut the rabbit meat into two pieces and did the same to the venison. Then he put half of the meat on her plate.

"By the way, there is also milk here if you're thirsty," Rufus said, fetching a bottle of milk for her and putting it near her hand.

Carrying the plate of meat in her hand and beaming with joy, Cassandra said, "Rufus, why don't we eat outside? I think the beautiful view outside will add to the enjoyment of the food."

Rufus nodded in agreement. He brought out all the food from the cottage and the two of them sat outside in the open, under the azure blue sky.

Just as Cassandra expected, the view outside the house was quite breathtaking. Sitting on the lawn, Cassandra said with a smile on her face, "This is really a wonderful place. Your friend has great taste."

Rufus smiled and said, "If you like this place very much, I can buy it from him and give it to you as a gift."

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