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   Chapter 716 Intimacy (Part Two)

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A few minutes of a hot and clandestine exercise later, Rufus held Cassandra in his arms. He looked quite happy.

"Cassandra, I wish I could always soak in the hot spring," he sighed.

Cassandra felt the same as well. However, it obviously was impractical.

"It's not good for our health to soak in the hot spring for too long. We'd better go out," she urged.

But Rufus was in a silly mood and he didn't want to give in to her so easily. "I won't go out unless you give me a kiss," he playfully said.

Without the least bit of hesitation, Cassandra kissed him fully on the lips, and even sent her tongue into his mouth.

Rufus immediately entangled his tongue with hers, and began to kiss her violently.

"We'd better stop here. I'm afraid I will lose control of myself again if we continue the kiss," Rufus said helplessly after a few seconds. Upon hearing what he said, Cassandra bashfully pushed him away.

Her face was a beetroot red as she got out of the pond and put on a bathrobe.

"Oh my God! Rufus! Look! A squirrel!" Cassandra exclaimed. She looked just like a little girl who found something exciting. Her index finger was pointing frantically at a tree not too far away.

Rufus wasn't surprised at all. He knew that the owner of the hot spring had decided to breed some squirrels here only because of a sudden impulse.

"Rufus, I'm gonna go there to look. Wait for me," Cassandra said. She slid on her slippers and then ran off to look for the squirrel she had just seen.

There was nothing Rufus could do but shake his head. He too got out of the water, and casually put on a bathrobe. Then he jogged towards the tree and tried to catch up with Cassandra.

"Cassandra, slow down, please," he said from behind. Finally, Cassandra arrived at her destination.

But the squirrel had disappeared from her sight in just a blink of an e

ed her from a distance. He felt genuinely happy to see Cassandra looked like she had a lot of fun.

Soon enough, the three squirrels saw Cassandra as their friend, and ran to her arms' embrace.

A chuckle came out of Cassandra's lips. She was amused by the cute squirrels, and she liked them very much.

"Rufus! Do you want to stroke them too?" Cassandra asked with a smile. Rufus strode towards her and eyed the three squirrels.

They all looked so furry and adorable. They must be fluffy and comfortable to the touch!

But as soon as he stretched out a hand to pet them, they just turned away and rushed into Cassandra's arms. Meanwhile, a few yellow leaves fell down from the tree, as if they were mocking him.

The couple played for a while with the squirrels, and then return to the hot spring pond.

Even if they had a comfortable soak, they got out of the pond. They knew that they couldn't stay in it for too long, even though it was very relaxing.

"Cassandra, if you like squirrels, I can buy a few and breed them at home. Would you like that?" Rufus asked all of a sudden. "What, are you sure?" Cassandra asked hesitantly, but it was clear that she loved the idea.

"Of course." "Then okay!" she answered with a smile.

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