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   Chapter 715 Intimacy (Part One)

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"Reward?" Cassandra was vexed. "I don't think there's anything I can give you."

The corners of Rufus's lips lifted up into a sly smile. "Yes, there is," he said.

"Okay then, I'm willing to give you any reward as long as I can watch your strip show." Cassandra nodded and smiled, a giggle threatening to burst out of her lips.

Rufus arched a fine brow. "Alright, just wait and see."

In turn, Cassandra stared at him without blinking, as if to say she wouldn't miss a thing.

There was an impish smirk on Rufus's face as he took off his coat, leaving his white shirt and jeans on his body.

One of his slender fingers pressed on a button. However, it was interrupted when Cassandra complained, "Rufus, the most important element in a strip show is the dance."

"Dance?" Rufus asked. "But I've never learned how to dance."

"But you've surely watched a strip show. Just copy it," Cassandra insisted and refused to give up.

After a few more seconds of thought, she added, "If you still feel you don't know how to dance, you can find some videos online and copy them."

A melodious laugh came out of Rufus. "In conclusion, you're really eager to watch me dance, aren't you?"

Cassandra blinked and nodded excitedly in response.

"Okay, as you wish then," Rufus said in a voice that seemed to have dropped an octave lower. His dark eyes flashed mischievously, which made his perfectly sculpted face look extremely alluring.

He began with a slight roll of his narrow hips, while his hands deftly unbuttoned his shirt.

Meanwhile, Cassandra's eyes were firmly glued to the man in front of her. She had never seen him like this before. He was too damn attractive!

However, the dance stopped after Rufus had undone his white shirt, which revealed his chiseled abdominal muscles in the light.

The scene made Cassandra subconsciously swallow her saliva as her eyes drank in the delightful view.


we can hear each other clearly," he explained.

Red flamed in Cassandra's cheeks, because now Rufus was close enough to see her body clearly.

"Are you nervous, Cassandra?" Rufus asked. He just felt that it was funny to tease her.

"I am not!" Cassandra shot back with a fierce glare.

On the outside, Rufus looked calm, but he internally felt that he was about to go mad.

How he wished he could press Cassandra under his body without a care in the world, so that they could make love endlessly in the hot spring pond where there was nobody else.

His dark eyes looked clearly mad with desire that he couldn't contain anymore, which was perhaps how Cassandra figured him out.

"What…what do you want to do?" she asked nervously.

When he realized that he couldn't hide his desire from her any longer, Rufus frankly said, "I want you."

Before Cassandra could utter a word, he quickly added, "But relax. I know I can't do that because you're pregnant."

He dipped his head so his lips were close to her ear. "Cassandra, you know how to relieve me," he whispered in a low and deep voice.

Cassandra blushed furiously. "I…I don't know."

His lips landed on hers in a deep kiss. Then he said in a seemingly seductive voice, "Don't pretend, honey. Just help me."

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