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   Chapter 714 Who Are You Calling (Part Two)

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His first response was to take his phone out and call Cassandra, but he couldn't get through to her as she was on the phone with someone else.

Rufus frowned, wondering who Cassandra might have been having a conversation with.

Was it Harry? Rufus could tell that Harry shared his resilience and stubbornness. He wouldn't give up on Cassandra so easily.

"Cassandra, what should I do?" Hans complained. "Yazid is a lunatic! He is a pathetic excuse for a human being."

Cassandra patiently listened as he hurled curses, and she suddenly asked, "Do you really think he wants to establish a relationship with you?"

Puzzled for a few seconds, Hans replied, "Don't you think so? He stayed with me during acting and bought me food and drinks. And he even touched my face!"

After pondering for a while, Cassandra said, "I am still not convinced. I think, as famous as he is, he wouldn't pick someone like you."

Hans felt insulted. "Why not? Am I not handsome?"

Cassandra giggled. "That's not what I meant. I just don't think he is interested in men."

"Haven't you heard of the rumors?" Hans asked.

Indeed, Cassandra had no interest in the rumors and gossips. She asked quizzically, "I don't pay attention to the stories of celebrities. Why don't you tell me what rumors you're talking about?"

Hans suddenly turned serious. "From the time he started acting in his first movie up until now, there hasn't been a single scandalous rumor about him on the tabloids. He never has a girlfriend. Some people say that he is either interested in men or he has erectile dysfunction."

Cassandra let out a dry laugh. "Even if he is gay, it doesn't mean that he'll target you. Well, you do think that you will enjoy being with a man?"

Hans thought of

ing in the hot spring and immersing myself in nature will certainly bring me joy, ' she thought.

When they arrived at the place, Cassandra was surprised to find that they were the only guests there.

"Where are the rest of the people?" Cassandra thought out loud.

Beaming at her, Rufus explained, "I've told them not to accept any guests today. So the entire place is ours. You can do whatever you want here."

"All right," Cassandra simply said.

Holding Cassandra's hand, Rufus led her through a place covered with growing trees. Accompanied by the singing birds, they eventually arrived at the natural hot spring.

"Did you prepare all of this?" Cassandra asked, pointing at the towel and the basked of food by the spring.

Rufus nodded. "That's right. We're going to enjoy bathing in the spring while tasting some chocolate and wine."

'He always plans everything perfectly. That's nice of him, ' Cassandra thought to herself.

"Let's go into the water," Rufus suggested.

Suddenly, Cassandra made a request. "Rufus, will you strip dance for me?"

Completely unfazed, Rufus flatly answered, "No problem. Is there going to be a reward for me?"

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