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   Chapter 713 Who Are You Calling (Part One)

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The couple sat at a big, perfectly varnished mahogany table with two silver candelabras in the center, and ate. Rufus said that he was extremely hungry, but he didn't eat like he had been starving. He only took a few small bites every so often. Most of the time, he wasn't even looking at the food but Cassandra.

Cassandra felt somewhat uncomfortable with his gaze. Raising her head, she grumbled, "Why aren't you eating?"

Lips curling into a smile, Rufus answered, "You are a dish! A feast for my eyes."

Cassandra was rendered speechless. 'Is he trying to flatter me?' she wondered.

"Cassandra, let's go to a hot spring." Rufus suggested, out of the blue. The smile on his face exposed his white teeth.

As her eyes lit up like stars, Cassandra agreed, "Sure!"

While they were enjoying a heartfelt moment with each other, Rufus's phone started ringing inside his pocket.

Although he did not want to be disturbed, Rufus hadn't been to work in almost a week. While his absence in the company didn't cause any considerable harm, the number of files accumulating on his desk that needed his attention was starting to concern his employees, especially his secretary.

Winnie called to ask him when he would be coming to the company. Rufus looked at Cassandra with a frown before he answered, "I'll be back in the afternoon."

In a seemingly casual tone, Cassandra asked, "What happened?"

Rufus smiled. "I have to handle some things in the company."

Cassandra nodded. 'That phone call must have been from Winnie, ' she guessed in her heart.

It didn't take long before Rufus noticed that Cassandra's mood suddenly turned low, and he knew that it must have been due to the call he had just received.

"Cassandra, I've decided to fire Winnie very soon," Rufus suddenly said.


at some point. I'll treat this as a bad sign instead of a good one."

One of the managers chuckled and said, "Sir, I think you are being over-cautious. The company is performing really well. It's a result of our hard work and proficiency. You don't have to be so worried."

Rufus peered at the man and cast a cold glance at him, implying at him to shut his mouth.

"I want all the relevant data from the start of the rising trend of the stock price," Rufus demanded.

After he gave his orders out to all the managers in an organized manner, he finally announced the end of the meeting.

After the meeting, someone immediately made a call. "Rufus has sensed something. I think we should execute our plan as early as possible."

From the other end of the line, an uncomfortably raspy voice responded, "Do not rush this. We are doing things very secretly. He is not going to discover anything. In the meantime, just keep an eye on him."

Rufus continued to study the materials until the end of the day.

He had been completely immersed in his work. When he stretched his arms, feeling exhausted, his eyes caught sight of the time and he was surprised to find that it was already past 8 PM.

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