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   Chapter 711 Endless Care And Love (Part One)

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"Harry, why do you look so depressed?" Although she was quite self-centered, Sara did care about Harry a lot.

Ever since Harry had arrived at the filming site, his face displayed a sullen expression. Sara started to guess what was wrong with him. 'Does it have something to do with my big brother? Is it because Harry doesn't like Yazid?' she wondered.

Cassandra also noticed something strange in Harry's disposition. Taken by curiosity, she asked, "Harry, is something wrong?"

Rufus was sitting next to Cassandra. While he was busy removing the fish bones for Cassandra, he kept glancing at Harry from time to time. The contempt in his glances was unmistakable to Harry's eyes.

Coldness seeped into his eyes and spread throughout his face. However, Harry managed to maintain calmness and answered Cassandra's question in a gentle voice, "I'm fine. Don't worry."

The private room was well-occupied with all of them here. However, awkward silence permeated the air around them as they didn't really know each other well enough.

Hans could have helped break the ice by attempting to make conversation but, Yazid was sitting right next to him. Moreover, Yazid kept whispering weird things to Hans, none of which made any sense to him.

As a result, Hans even lost his appetite for his favourite food: lobsters.

"Harry, I want to have some fish," Sara requested as she felt envious to see Rufus carefully remove the fish bones for Cassandra all the time.

Harry furrowed his eyebrows. The annoyance in his expression was palpable. "Just go get it by yourself if you want some."

Yazid had always been protective about his little sister. When he heard what Harry just said, he felt more displeased with the man. He then picked up a piece of fish, removed the fish bones and passed it to Sara himself.

In truth, Sara didn't really want to eat fis

re the house was, even though she had never told him the address before. "Wait a minute. How did you know where I live?"

Rufus raised his eyebrows. "Does it really surprise you to know that I know where you live?"

Cassandra pouted her lips. "I see. I should have known. You are a very capable person."

Rufus drew back his smile and became serious. "No, I'm not. If I were capable, I would have found you the minute you left me. It's my fault."

Cassandra's heart softened at the sight of his remorseful face.

"Okay. Let's stop talking about unpleasant things," Cassandra said slowly with a smile. "I have decorated the house. It looks quite nice. Come on in and take a look inside."

Rufus nodded as a response.

The house wasn't as big as their villa, yet it was homely and comfortable.

Sitting on the soft bed, Cassandra looked around the house and said, "I quite like this place. How about you let me stay here for a few more days?"

Rufus rejected her request without hesitation, "No, that's not going to happen."

He couldn't wait to take Cassandra back to their own house and make love with her right away. He hadn't felt the touch of her perfect body for a long while now and he had grown to miss that feeling.

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