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   Chapter 710 Destined To Gather Together (Part Two)

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After wearing a gloomy face for the past few days, Rufus was finally able to smile.

"Okay," he lovingly answered. Watching the scene unfolding in front of his eyes, Hans could not help but curl his lips. The two seemed perfect for each other.

"Well, you two act as if there is no one else here," Hans jokingly said.

It was not until she heard Hans's voice that Cassandra remembered she was with him. Pointing at Hans, she introduced him to Rufus, "This is the young owner of the house I've rented."

Rufus had already recognized his voice even before Cassandra's introduction. He clearly remembered Hans accusing him of being an irresponsible husband on the phone earlier.

Because of that, Rufus began to exude a chilly aura.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Cassandra's husband," he greeted Hans. Although he was smiling, it was apparent how he was faking it.

It was not until then that Hans was enlightened and realized who the man was. Very soon, he remembered what he had said to him on the phone before.

The look on his face became rather weird, seeing how Rufus reacted. Hans wondered if he had offended the man.

"Ahem," he coughed to conceal his embarrassment. With a hollow laugh, he asked, "Well, would you like to join Cassandra and me for dinner?"

Before Rufus could answer him, Hans suddenly jumped in astonishment.

At the same time, a flirtatious voice came through, "Dear Hans!" Sara's lively voice echoed in the entire area. She excitingly ran towards his direction, extremely happy to finally see the young boy.

Meanwhile, Yazid, who was seemingly being forgotten by everyone, coughed in discontent. He was disappointed to hear his younger sister greet someone else instead of him as soon as she arrived.

Hearing her elder brother's cough, Sara asked considerately, "Brother Yazid, do you have a sore throat?"

Yazid was speechless, hearing his sister's innocent question. His future brother-in-law would be

ted to run away right away, he dared not do that while Yazid was present.

"It seems that you have family affairs to deal with. Please excuse us for our leaving. We won't disturb you any longer," Rufus bid his goodbye with Cassandra's hands clasped in his.

Hans hopelessly looked at Cassandra as if she was his life-saving straw.

'I'm seized by one of the best actors. What should I do? Please help me, ' he silently wished, trying to get Cassandra's attention.

Fortunately, Cassandra was too softhearted to leave the silly boy behind.

"Well, Hans, since you have been taking good care of me for the past few days, would you like to join us for dinner?" she asked.

As a rousing response, Hans aggressively nodded his head. That was exactly what he needed to get out of the difficult circumstance he was in.

In dismay, Yazid glared at him fiercely before saying, "Looks like we're destined to gather today. Let's have dinner together. My treat." Yazid flashed a cheeky smile to all of them.

Rufus, on the other hand, could figure out that Cassandra was worried about the silly young man. So, he just nodded in agreement.

Harry's face was overcast, but he decided to agree too without further saying anything. It seemed that a dinner full of embarrassing moments awaited them.

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