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   Chapter 709 Destined To Gather Together (Part One)

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"You may leave now," Rufus instructed. He took out some banknotes from his wallet and handed them to the driver.

The driver, who was overwhelmed at the sight of the money, beamed with joy.

Then, Rufus called the computer technician who helped him locate the cellphone yesterday. "Please help me locate another cellphone," he requested.

At the other end of the line, the technician could not help but mumble, "Gosh! What the hell are you up to now? Are you changing your job into a policeman? Are you trying to track a criminal suspect?"

Rufus simply answered, "Stop talking nonsense. Just do what I say. Hurry up!"

Noticing Rufus's agitated tone, the technician stopped teasing him immediately and said, "All right, wait a minute. I will find it in no time."

After a while, Rufus finally got some information from him. "The cellphone is in a filming location. By the way, if you're going there, don't forget to ask for the phone numbers of some beauties for me."

Rufus heard of that shooting place again. Just a while ago, one of his men told him that Harry was going there too.

'Harry Ji is going there to look for Cassandra?' he wondered.

When such a possibility crossed his mind, Rufus drove his car without the least hesitation.

Hans had planned to take Cassandra away while Sara was absent. Unfortunately, however, he found it was too late when he saw Yazid.

Standing in front and looking down at him, Yazid asked, "What's going on? You're going to leave?"

Despite being the grandson of Lucas Zhang, the respectful Senior Officer, Hans looked like a coward at the moment. He mumbled, "No, I'm not leaving. I'm just going to buy a bottle of water.

Yazid, what would you like to drink?" He was even acting as if he was the drama king's servant.

"I don't like any beverages. Sara is coming, so you'd better stay here and wait for her together with me," Yazid answered i

ned silent.

With her in his embrace, Rufus continued, "Never scare me like that ever again."

It was her first time to hear Rufus admit that he was actually scared. The man had always been stern, not wanting to let go and express his emotions. However, his comforting and tight embrace suggested otherwise.

"Cassandra, please promise me that you won't run away from home again. Okay?" Rufus begged.

Sensing the pain in his voice, Cassandra felt her heart tightened. Reflexively, she answered, "Okay."

Immediately, she could not help but regret answering him too soon. She was supposed to be angry with him for putting her under house arrest.

How could she forget all those things and forgive him as soon as she saw how pitiful he looked?

He was precisely her Achilles' heel, indeed. She had always been passive towards him, and because she had a soft heart, she would always forgive him no matter what.

"Rufus, let's talk about the things between us later when we go back," she said, raising her head to look at him. It had been only a few days since they were apart, but it already felt like a long time for her.

She had been trying to refrain herself from missing him, but as soon as she saw him, she could not hold on to her facade any longer.

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