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   Chapter 708 I Love Harry The Most (Part Two)

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"Well, of course, she's not going to do anything of that sort," Hans replied with a smile on his face, as something seemed to have popped up in his mind. "I heard that she was able to get along quite well with someone from the Ji family back in America. It seems like she has fallen in love with him. I really wish someone could handle her one day. This will definitely become a peaceful world for me without her messing around all the time."

Hearing the tone of Hans's voice, Cassandra could tell that he had so much sympathy for the person Sara had fallen in love with.

"Cassandra, I need to go do the make up now. Let's go back home together once I'm done with my part, okay?"

Cassandra was at a bit of a loss. "Aren't you going to wait for Sara?"

With a blink of his eyes, Hans stated, "No, I don't intend to do so. We just really don't get along so well. I need to get away from her, as far away as I possibly could."

Upon saying that, Hans then proceeded to do his job.

"Miss, did you come here with Hans?" a deep and rather soothing voice asked Cassandra from behind.

When she turned around to check who it was, Cassandra found Yazid standing there behind her without her noticing it. She got a bit startled, so she asked, "Are you talking to me?"

Yazid simply nodded his head in response.

Letting out a dry laugh, Cassandra told him, "Hans asked me to come along..."

Yazid had a pair of eyes which were as dark as the night light. Looking at his mesmerizing eyes, Cassandra was a little bewildered as to why he would bother to come talk to her.

"Are you one of his new friends?" Yazid asked nonchalantly.

To answer his query, Cassandra nodded her head without saying anything else.

Stealthily giving her a look from head to toe, Yazid thought that Cassandra didn't seem like she was a gold digger type. That being said, she might have been smart enough to stop herself from speaking what was on her mind.

"What's your name? If you don't mind me asking." Upon a closer look at Cassandra, Yazid had a feeling that he had already met her somewhere b

He is my favorite person!"

Yazid knew a lot about the Ji family's background. For that reason, he had never been fond of this family in particular.

"Hans is also here with me. I asked him to accompany you and walk you around." Yazid honestly thought that Hans would be way better than Harry.

Hans might not be as remarkable a man as Harry was, but at the very least, he was an innocent and naive boy. Hans and Sara seemed like they'd be a perfect match for each other.

Harry, on the other hand, was a rather sophisticated man. Even Yazid himself always had a hard time figuring out what was going on inside Harry's head.

"Hans? Who's that?" Sara asked, sounding a bit confused. Being so preoccupied with Harry's pretty face, she couldn't be bothered to think of this guy named Hans, the poor boy who had used to be bullied by her all the time.

Yazid was at such a loss for words. "Hans is the poor man who had to play along to your antics even when he was depressed, just because you hurt your hand when you destroyed all of his garage kits."

After hearing what Yazid just said, Sara finally recalled who Hans was. She remembered that when she broke all of his garage kits, Hans almost broke down and cried. However, she happened to be quick on her wits enough to cry out before he could. And her wailing was actually so overwhelming that Hans became shocked because of it.

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