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   Chapter 706 I'm Cassandra's Husband (Part Two)

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Rufus drummed his fingers on the side, contemplating about whether he should respond or not. The driver glanced over to him questioningly, but Rufus signaled to him to wait.

"I'm Cassandra's husband," Rufus started. "Do you know my wife? Can you tell me where she is?"

he asked quietly. There was a pause on the other line before the voice replied, "Why do you have Cassandra's phone? How did you get it? Shouldn't you know where she is since you have it?"

Rufus rubbed his forehead in frustration, trying to ease the growing headache. "No. I wouldn't be asking you if I did. Tell me where she is."

Hans sighed over the phone. 'Cassandra told me that she and her husband were fighting. It's the main reason why she didn't want to go back home.

Cassandra is such a kind person. If someone ever fought with her, they must be very bad people, ' Hans thought to himself.

Despite his naivety, his was really good with his imagination.

He could already picture this evil husband torturing sweet, lovely Cassandra.

Having concluded that Cassandra's husband was a vicious man, he spat, "You're an evil man. I hope you never find her. I will never tell you where she is! She will never be safe from you. You're scum! I'll make sure I protect Cassandra from you!"

Hans abruptly hung up, leaving Rufus baffled. The teen must be hallucinating. He didn't try to call Hans back any longer.

"I'll still have to trouble you. I apologize for my actions earlier." Rufus turned to face the driver next to him. "Once we get there, I will be giving you one thousand. Please take it as a token of my appreciation."

The driver's eyes suddenly lit up. 'This seems like a fair deal!' he thought excitedly.

The man smiled and got into his car without hesitation. He drove to the opposite of the road, waiting for Rufus to get in his own car and fo

nd pleaded, "I'm an actor. You'll be with me! Please? It'll be a refreshing environment."

Cassandra sighed and relented. It could be good for her.

"Okay, okay, fine! I'll go with you." Then she remembered something and stared at Hans. "Aren't you going eat the porridge? If you don't finish it, I won't cook you anything anymore."

Hans's eyes widened and he pulled his bowl back to him. "I'll finish it! I'll finish it!"

he exclaimed before eating large scoops. Then Cassandra got herself ready and followed Hans to the film set.

Hans was a supporting actor in his current film. His role would only make an appearance for a few seconds, so he didn't really have much to do while he was on set.

He spent most of his time helping the production staff by lifting equipment from one scene to another. The others were happy to see him because he was always so helpful and willing to lend a hand.

"Cassandra, do you feel hot?" Hans wiped the sweat off his forehead. "I'll go buy us some soda," he suggested.

Cassandra shook her head. "No, just water will be fine. I don't really drink sodas,"

"Okay. Wait here. I'll get you water." He then walked away from her, heading to the concession stand inside the studio.

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