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   Chapter 705 I'm Cassandra's Husband (Part One)

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Cassandra stared at the screen as she bit her lip. She couldn't help but gaze at the number she just wrote, remembering it completely from memory. Her fingers were trembling as she gripped her phone, feeling a sharp sting pierce her heart as she dialed the number.

The phone rang once, and Cassandra immediately regretted it. The second, she wondered if she should hang up. At the third ring, however, the call was picked up. She swallowed nervously.

"Hello? Who is this?" Rufus sighed over the phone, exhaustion apparent in his voice.

Cassandra's grip on her phone grew tighter. She quietly wondered if she was the reason why Rufus sounded so tired.

She shook her head to dispel the doubts she had in her mind. With Winnie's company, Rufus had no reason to be upset about her.

The silence grew, and Cassandra could hear Rufus clear his throat from the other end of the line. "Who is this?" he repeated. Cassandra wanted to speak but her voice wouldn't come out. Her mind was clouded with so much worry and doubt that she barely heard Rufus speak to her on the phone. "Cassandra, is it you?"

Cassandra's breath hitched in her throat, and without thinking, she pulled the phone away from her ear and hung up.

She didn't think that Rufus would catch on so quickly. As she tried to still her beating heart, Rufus's number popped up in her phone again. Cassandra gasped in shock, not expecting that he would call her back.

Cassandra threw her phone away from her, afraid that she might accidentally answer the call. Her feet kept her rooted in the ground as her phone kept ringing incessantly in the distance. Cassandra didn't know what to do.

If she kept avoiding the call, Rufus would be eventually certain that she was the one who just called. But she was too terrified to pick it up.

When the ringing ceased, Cassandra immediately reached for her phone and ran to th

he tried to remember. "It's by the highway. It's quite far from here, though."

"Take me there. Now," Rufus ordered, shooting the man a menacing look.

The driver gulped worriedly. He never should have picked the phone up. 'I wouldn't have gotten it if I knew that this frightening man would follow after it. I regret everything!

This man looks like he'll kill me if I don't comply with his orders. Now I'm just wasting time and fuel. This isn't good for me, ' the man thought.

Rufus checked Cassandra's phone again, noticing that there was another person's number in the contact. The contact was listed as 'Hans.'

It seemed that Cassandra dialed this number quite frequently.

Rufus immediately pressed the number and called the person.

"Hello?" the person answered. He sounded young, like a teenager. It seemed that he just woke up. "Cassandra? Why are you calling? It's not noon yet, is it? What are we going to have for lunch?"

the person mumbled, and Rufus's brows furrowed in frustration. Now it was undeniable that this phone did belong to Cassandra.

The person on the other end of the line sobered up when he noticed that there was no response. "Hello? Hello? Cassandra, are you there? Is everything all right? Don't scare me."

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