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   Chapter 704 Cassandra, You Can't Think About Him Anymore (Part Two)

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Nevertheless, Cassandra didn't want to burst his bubble of enthusiasm. Instead, she continued asking, "I believe the role must be a significant character. Do you have any other secret identity?"

Blinking his eyes countless times, Hans answered honestly, "No. It's just a common character. I will play the role of a doorman, and there will be only one scene for me in which I will be killed."

This time, Cassandra was at a total loss for words. A burst of whooping laughter was slowly creeping into the corners of her mouth, but she resisted it.

Hans was still immersed in his happiness. "I believe I will receive more and more major roles in the future. Cassandra, I will certainly give you my signature when I become famous."

"By that time, I want not only your signature but also a photo of you so that I can sell it to earn some money," Cassandra uttered as a cheeky smile flashed on her face.

Hans laughed. "No problem!"

The two chatted for a while with Hans dominating every conversation. When it was almost time for lunch, Hans shamelessly requested, "Cassandra, can you cook lunch for me as well?"

Cassandra didn't reject his request, as she thought it was just a minor request. All she needed to do was just add one more pair of chopsticks for him.

Cassandra was quite good at cooking as she had learned it from Edith before, who was excellent at cooking as well.

The two continued their chitchat during their lovely brunch. "Cassandra, you don't need to pay me the rent if you promise me to cook me meals every day."

Cassandra didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "I don't think you can earn money if I rent your house in return for just meals."

Blinking his eyes, Hans responded, "Not everyone has the same treatment as y

motion." Hans stared at her and said.

"So," Hans blinked his eyes and continued, "Cassandra, my princess, will you come to visit me?"

Cassandra laughed. "Of course, I will. But don't pretend you don't know me once you become famous."

"I promise I will never do that!" Hans swore, with his hand raised in the air.

It was actually quite fun and enjoyable for Cassandra to spend time with Hans.

"Cassandra, I need to leave now. Don't forget to prepare lunch for me tomorrow," Hans reminded before he left.

She waved at him with a big smile plastered on her face, showing that she wouldn't forget it.

Cassandra felt comfortable sitting alone in the courtyard, enjoying the wind blowing on her face.

She took out a newly bought phone with a new SIM card too. 'If I call Rufus via this phone number, he won't notice that it's me calling, will he?' she wondered.

However, seconds after, she shook her head and reminded herself not to ever contact him again.

'Cassandra, you can't think of him anymore from now on. You have to learn how to take him away from your heart bit by bit while you are free from him now, ' she murmured to herself in mind.

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