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   Chapter 703 Cassandra, You Can't Think About Him Anymore (Part One)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 6069

Updated: 2019-10-31 00:29

While Harry finally got some clues about Cassandra, Rufus, however, still couldn't find any information.

He had contacted all Cassandra's friends, but they too didn't know. When he finally asked Stella about Cassandra, he was shocked to hear what she said.

"Are you saying that Cassandra went to the hospital to visit me earlier today?" Rufus suddenly recalled that he had felt Cassandra was standing by the door and looking at him as he was sleeping. However, when he finally managed to open his eyes, he found no one.

"How did Cassandra contact you?" Rufus asked in deep worry. "Do you know where she is right now?"

Stella was in a daze at Rufus's question. She soon came to herself and answered honestly, "She contacted me through a public phone. So I can't reach her, nor do I know where she is now. But don't worry. I know she's safe."

Rufus felt so regretful for what he had done to the little woman last night. He was obviously not in his right mind and shouldn't have broken her SIM card. Now, he couldn't find her anywhere! What an awful thing he had done!

Stella could tell that the two were in a fight, but she dared not to interfere in their affairs. All she could do was to reassure Rufus, "Don't worry. I will inform you immediately once Cassandra contacts me. Okay?"

Rufus nodded his head on the other end of the line. He was sure now that Cassandra hadn't gone too far away, and that she probably was still somewhere around here.

However, even though he was quite sure about that, he still had no clue where exactly she could be.

The night was falling, and the lights on the street were already on. Rufus wandered in the dark, not knowing where he should go.

Small restaurants were livelily opened with orange lights along the street. Rufus could smell the tempting food arom

ic about making tea, cooking some delicious food, sitting in the courtyard, and reading books in her free and alone time.

However, it would be even more significant to live such a life without someone noisy there by her side.

"Cassandra!" Hans yelled. His voice was always full of energy.

Cassandra raised her eyes helplessly, giving him an unwelcoming look.

However, the man was clueless with whatever message Cassandra wanted to imply.

"I have some good news: I got an acting job!" Hans couldn't wait to share his happiness with Cassandra. "I gained this role all on my own. Without anyone's help! Can you believe it?"

Cassandra knew that he graduated from Beijing Film Academy and that he was desperate to seek for any chances to act in a play. The man was evidently so obsessed with acting.

"So?" Cassandra stopped reading and planned to chat with him for a while. "What kind of role could make you so thrilled?"

Hans responded excitedly, "A doorman!"

Cassandra was suddenly speechless, contemplating whether she should say what she was thinking. 'Is that role very important? It sounds like a minor role to me. Why is he so excited about being a doorman?' she wondered silently.

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